55th Anniversary of The Baileys of Balboa

One season wonder The Baileys of Balboa premiered 55 years ago tonight in 1964 on CBS. Paul Ford starred as Sam Bailey, the crusty skipper of a charter boat and the owner of a bed-and-breakfast on Balboa Island. Sterling Holloway played Buck Singleton, Sam’s right-hand man. Sam regularly butted heads with “Commodore” Cecil Wyntoon (played by John Dehner), the head honcho at Balboa’s yacht club. Les Brown Jr. played Sam’s son Jim. Judy Carne had a recurring role as Commodore Wyntoon’s daughter Barbara. And Clint Howard played Stanley, a youngster who lives near Sam and was always getting in the way.

Critics weren’t fond of the show and viewers weren’t either. CBS cancelled the show after a single season. As far as I know, The Baileys of Balboa never aired in local syndication in the United States. The show did air in other countries, however. Surprisingly, a DVD set containing 13 episodes was released in Germany late last month. Unfortunately, it appears to only include a German language audio track.

Learn all about The Baileys of Balboa by reading my in-depth article about the forgotten sitcom.

Do you remember watching The Baileys of Balboa on CBS during the 1964-1964 season? Hit the comments with your recollections of the show.

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3 Replies to “55th Anniversary of The Baileys of Balboa”

  1. I’ve never seen this sitcom, but I read about it in Bart Andrews’ 1980 book “The Worst TV Shows of All Time”. The author mentioned the connection between producer Keefe Brasselle and CBS president Jim Aubrey, which likely contributed to Aubrey’s firing the following February.

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