CBS Eye Turns 60

The iconic CBS Eye turns 60 today, having first graced television screens on Saturday, October 20th, 1951. Designed by Bill Golden at the behest of CBS President Frank Stanton, the Eye remains fundamentally unchanged six decades after its introduction. To celebrate the anniversary, is displaying the original Eye logo today, as well as a special page featuring a short Charles Osgood piece exploring the history of the Eye as well as a gallery of the Eye throughout the decades.

Furthermore, viewers tuning into CBS tonight at 8PM will reportedly see a short image piece celebrating the CBS Eye and vintage CBS network identifications will be broadcast at 9PM and 10PM. For more information about the CBS Eye, see this CBS News article. Here’s the Charles Osgood piece from


  • michael says:

    There is just something about watching “Persons of Interest,” about an all seeing government “machine,” while the CBS eye stares at me from the lower right hand corner of my TV screen.

  • Barry I. Grauman says:

    CBS developed the “Eye” primarily to give its television network a distinct identity; in the fall of 1951, CBS split itself into radio and TV divisions- the I.D.’s at the end of their programs were altered as well {“This is the CBS Radio Network”/”This is the CBS Television Network”}. In producer Larry Thompson’s “Lucy and Desi: Before the Laughter” (1991), a CBS “Eye” logo is shown on the wall of their West Coast RADIO studio [when Lucy was starring on “MY FAVORITE HUSBAND”]…a year BEFORE it was officially introduced.

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