Nielsen Bottom 5, October 22nd-28th, 1979

Week 6 of the 1979-1980 season began on Monday, October 22nd, 1979 and ended on Sunday, October 28th, 1979. The highest-rated program was 60 Minutes on CBS with a 30.9 Nielsen rating.

Here are the five lowest-rated programs:

## Program Network Rating
62 “Mind Over Murder” (Movie) CBS N/A
63 Detective Schools ABC N/A
64 California Fever CBS N/A
65 “The Bible…In the Beginning” (Movie) ABC N/A
66 Prime Time Sunday NBC N/A

CBS aired made-for-TV movie Mind Over Murder from 9-11PM ET on Tuesday, October 23rd as an installment of CBS Tuesday Night at the Movies.

ABC aired the 1966 movie The Bible from 8-11PM ET on Friday, October 26th.


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