TV Guide 365: Tuesday, October 27th, 1964

TV Guide 365: 1964-1965 explores the 1964-1965 television season through listings published in TV Guide. Each day I’ll post listings for the corresponding day from the 1964-1965 season, with complete cast and guest cast details for obscure, short-lived shows.

Tuesday, October 27th, 1964

7:30 MR. NOVAK–Drama (NBC)
“One Monday Afternoon.” The school’s star quarterback is accidentally killed during a practice scrimmage, and the boy’s father blames coach Myerson’s win-at-any-cost philosophy. Script by Herman Groves and Mel Goldberg. Vane: Dean Jagger. Novak: James Franciscus. Peeples: Stephen Roberts. Butler: Vince Howard. Bradwell: Bill Zuckert. Miss Dorsey: Marjorie Corley. Mrs. Floyd: Kathleen Ellis. (60 min.)
Guest Cast
Lou Myerson ………….. Claude Akins
Carol Walker ………….. Brooke Bundy
Ralph Donan ………….. Simon Scott
Jerry Donan ………….. Alan Hunt
Millard Wright ………….. Ross Elliott
Coach Price ………….. Tom Anthony

“Operation Fly Trap.” Saunders’ men capture a German field headquarters and prepare a reception for a returning Nazi colonel. Script by Don Tait. (60 min.)

“Verdun the Inferno.” For details, see the Close-up below.

8:30 MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. (NBC)
“The Green Opal Affair.” An U.N.C.L.E. agent’s final words before slipping into a statuelike trance set Solo on the trail of an eccentric financier who’s due to set sail for Central America. Script by Robert E. Thompson (60 min.)

“Will the Alligator Take the Stand?” An alligator has taken Binghamton’s wallet, but try and tell that to the captain, who charges Ensign Parker with the theft.

Red’s guest is Martha Raye, who sings “Money Can’t Buy Me Love” and “I’ll Go My Way by Myself.” In a sketch, Freddie the Freeloader is working as an undercover agent to help the Government get the goods on Mr. Big (Martha). Silent Spot: Red pantomimes a man alone in a haunted house. Skeltones, Tom Hansen dancers, David Rose orchestra. (55 min.)

9:00 TYCOON–Comedy (ABC)
Walter’s impressed with the electronic security system Pat has devised, until he learns that the setup will displace guards who are some of Thunder Corporation’s oldest employees. Walter: Walter Brennan. Pat: Van Williams. Wilson: Jerome Cowan. Betty: Janet Lake.
Guest Cast
Colonel Hutchins ………….. Alan Napier
Fred Jones ………….. Carter de Haven
Technician ………….. Eddie Quillan
Guard ………….. Jimmy Cross

9:25 POLITICAL TALK–Republican (CBS)


In her hospital room, Betty receives a visit from her prospective father-in-law–who offers her a deal.

Hooterville will have to go some to retain its record as the first city in the state to file election returns–Crabtree Corners has got itself an automatic voting machine.

[SPECIAL] Scheduled: a report on the use of the political “smear” in several recent paperback books and an interview with a representative of the Fair Campaign Practices Committee; an examination of political polls; reports on the campaign activities of the candidates’ wives; and a review of the changing political position of the press. Frank McGee is the anchor man. (60 min.)

“Tug of War.” Kimble is working as a farm hand when a little girl shows storekeeper Art Mallet Kimble’s resemblance to the man pictured in a “wanted” poster. Script by Dan Ullman. (60 min.)

Hildie is a knockout of a nurse, but someone’s been monopolizing her time–she’s refusing all dates. Script: Albert Ruben. Ski: Michael Tolan. Gail: Zina Bethune. Liz: Shirl Conway. (60 min.)
Guest Cast
Hildie Jackson ………….. Barbara Feldon
Fitz Condon ………….. Darren McGavin
Dr. Halloran ………….. Frank Mahoney
Mary ………….. Andrea Dean
Dr. Downs ………….. Alan Reed Jr.
Mr. McFee ………….. William Stevens
Eddie ………….. Bob Ball


TV Guide, October 24, 1964 (Volume 12, Number 43, Issue #604) [Philadelphia Edition]

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