Malibu U Opening (September 1, 1967)

From the Television Obscurities YouTube channel, here are the opening credits to the September 1st, 1967 episode of Malibu U on ABC. Hosted by Rick Nelson, the episode featured musical guests Peter and Gordon, Marvin Gaye, The Breed, Sandy Posey, and special guest Dionne Warwick. Also, Robie Porter, and The Bob Banas Dancers.

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8 Replies to “Malibu U Opening (September 1, 1967)”

  1. and what a sense of timing!! bizarre gotta lot of miliage from their VOICE OVER theme tv coverage….&^.that road started with buffalo Springfield and neil diamond.s appearance on MANNIX ,,,, previously//…..THE STANDELLs had alred in a later episode of BEN CASEY with nick adams ……..
    proving he had absolutely no dancing talents//*__{{ as patty duke did in BILLIE w/ donna McKechnie..++},,,,}speaking of BOBBY BANAS all this was divergent to HULLABALLo.s choreographer DAVID WINTERS who passed this past year without thorough recognition……{.and donna mckechnie released on-line a scoop of her twenty year feud with bob fosse..) i recall mentioning here that long road to pop media coverage///people would commit murder just to get their rock acts on tv ..!!!..and in this case CHARLES MANSON did just that….Sharon Tate.s first featured roll on the Beverley Hillbillies coincidentally featured whiskey a Go gO,,,w/ soloists from THREE DOG NIGHT,,.. ,,,oh!,,, banas started his own hollywood appearance with sheree north and jacques D’amboise and may not have been given screen credits….whatever ,,,,,,,,, thru the tv union// a talent like that could support himself…….so where are you gonna find tapes/video of yet another west coast beach show derivative like mike blodgett’s??? hint…

  2. there:s always an addendum;; harpers bizarre went onwards to tape FEELING GROOVEY which packaged SIMON AND GARFUNCKLE in their first album BOOKENDS remember??,, i wonder who got residuals for that… get out your flow charts;; the timing was a force of nature…in fact the balance between groups with a competitive edge spawned lots of sparks as well as troubles; but hey… was made thru publishing,,,,and time passed on..

  3. Back in the ’80’s, ABC aired a program similar to this one; the episode I saw of it had on Weird Al Yankovic sininging ‘One More Minute’ ( and before anybody asks, no, I don’t know the title.)

    I wonder if there’s any chance of this show (Malibu U) being on home video?

  4. Seeing that “Malibu U” main title sequence on a B&W kinescope is somewhat strange, since all television (daytime and primetime) was in psychedelic color!!!!

  5. Wow. Does this capture a moment in time or what. Imagining this in color…mustve been wild. Very carefree, fun, Summer of Love.

  6. never too too late….HARPER.S BAZAAR scored plenty by singing the over/credits of I LOVE YOU ALICE B. TOKLAS in 1968….introducing Leigh-Taylor Young as well…..anything bringing marijuana to the silver screen was a marketers dream!!!….Elmer Bernstein made a wise choice decision here to promote this musical group!.. and of course sitar sales boomed!! …… before the mahirichi and shankar/.s newley formed influence went thru TM meditation and the beatles!!!

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