The Montefuscos Fall Preview

From the Television Obscurities YouTube channel, here’s the 1975 fall preview for short-lived NBC sitcom The Montefuscos. It starred Joseph Sirola, Naomi Stevens, Ron Carey, Phoebe Dorin, and others.

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3 Replies to “The Montefuscos Fall Preview”

  1. look… we are all liable to make the wrong turns on occasion..NAOMI STEVENS solidified her personae on the DORIS DAY SHOW; and stuff like characters in VALLEY OF THE DOLLS,, but
    ,receiving a script for this one// defied the vision of its directors// could never have worked,,,,was a plan to upload this on you tube??when glancing at former plots in the original doris day show;;guilt wreaks thru’; as in pifering Larry gelbart.s plot in THE THRILL OF IT ALL,,,,rotten tomatoes replacing happy soap!!

  2. You need to take it in the context at the time of filming. I wish all 13 episodes of The Montefuscos taped (though only 3 aired) would be available on DVD.

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