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  1. ,,behind that inch thick layer of ham.. was quite a businessman that wiliam conrad….he was behind the cameras in fact WELL BEFORE HIS MOST RECOGNIZED ROLL AS NARRATOR FOR ROCKY AND BULWINCKLE======but its worth pointing out here that the music dept of producing rocky cribbed the opening theme music from twentieth century fox studio.s peppy theme from the sneak preview of marilyn monroe/s BUS STOP.!!!—-even at that time it was so glaringly obvious yet no record of copywrite infringements exists to my knowledge,,,,,,alas more on this type of issue will follow later at propitious moments,,,

  2. In The Closing Credits Had This Picture Made Under The Jurisdiction Of IATSE-IA Affilliated With AFL-CIO,National Association Of Broadcasters TELEVISION CODE Seal Of Good Practice,AMPTP,In Charge Of Production HOWARD ALSTON,A QM PRODUCTION,Filmed At The SAMUEL GOLDWYN STUDIO.

  3. It sounded as though Herb Edelman, the only actor there I could recognize other than Mr. Conrad, was called “Herb Edelson”, but that could just be the sound quality of the clip.

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