Same Show, Same Network, Different Decade

Tonight at 10:00PM ET, ABC will premiere a new drama called Cupid starring Bobby Cannavale and Sarah Paulson. Cannavale’s character, Trevor Pierce, is actually Cupid, the one and only god of love. Paulson plays Dr. Claire McCrae, his psychiatrist. Trevor/Cupid has to help 100 troubled couples find love before he can go back to Mt. … Continue Reading →

Status Guide – “The Mike Wallace Interview”

A total of 72 episodes of The Mike Wallace Interview were broadcast by ABC between 1957 and 1958 (here‘s my article on the show). From April of 1957 to April of 1958 the series was sponsored by Phillip Morris. Following the April 19th, 1958 episode — its 52nd — Phillip Morris dropped the series. Note … Continue Reading →

DVD Tuesday: The Fugitive, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Another Tuesday, another slew of DVD releases. This week there are only two classic television sets being released, neither of which qualify as obscure. There aren’t any new obscurities either, one season wonders from the past decade or so that are finally coming to DVD. Out today is The Fugitive, Season Two Volume Two. For those unaware, when Season Two Volume One of The Fugitive was released, the vast majority of the music had been changed. Fans were understandably upset. Here is a post at that links to an article attempting to explain the controversy over the music.

Last month, CBS Home Entertainment announced that it had set up a replacement program with much of the original music restored. Be sure to read this article at TVShowsOnDVD for more details. I don’t know whether Season Two Volume Two will have the same amount of original music as the “new” version of Volume One. Hopefully once fans start getting their hands on the latest release they’ll be able to figure out how much music has been replaced.

You can also pick up Season Four Volume one of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea today. Included is something called the “re-cut unaired pilot.” Fans who purchased Season One Volume One will recall that a color version of the broadcast pilot episode was included as an extra. This recut version is truly an alternate, unaired pilot.

Nielsen Top Ten, December 26th, 1966 – January 8th, 1967

Here are the first ten programs from the eighth Nielsen Television Index (NTI) report for the 1966-1967 television season, covering the sixteenth and seventeenth weeks of the season, from Monday, December 26th, 1966 through Sunday, January 8th, 1967. The fifteenth week of the season (Monday, December 19th through Sunday, December 25th, 1966) was a Nielsen … Continue Reading →

Watching The Mike Wallace Interview

Over the past few days I’ve managed to watch six episodes of The Mike Wallace Interview at the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas at Austin while doing research for my article about the show. Some of the interviews I watched because I was interested in the guest or the subject while others … Continue Reading →

New Article – “The Mike Wallace Interview”

Originally I planned to write my second article for March about CBS and its decision not to broadcast Psycho in September 1966. Instead, I found myself drawn into the controversy surrounding ABC’s The Mike Wallace Interview, a half-hour series that aired from April of 1957 to September of 1958. Sometime last year I was sent … Continue Reading →

Nielsen Top Ten, December 5th, 1966 – December 18th, 1966

Here are the first ten programs from the seventh Nielsen Television Index (NTI) report for the 1966-1967 television season, covering the thirteenth and fourteenth weeks of the season, from Monday, December 5th, 1966 through Sunday, December 18th, 1966. They were published in the January 9th, 1967 edition of Broadcasting [1]. Note that the Nielsen ratings … Continue Reading →

W2XBS Schedule, Week of February 4th, 1940

Here’s the schedule for NBC’s experimental station W2XBS in New York City for the week beginning February 4th, 1940. The only thing I might be interested in seeing is “Art for Your Sake,” otherwise the schedule is filled mostly with films. Sunday, February 4th, 1940 2:30-3:30: Soccer game, Brookhattans vs. Irish-Americans, at Starlight Park, Bronx … Continue Reading →