Next Television Obscurities Article: Coronet Blue

Voting for the next Television Obscurities article has closed and “Coronet Blue” has won with 50% of the vote:

This hour-long drama has developed something of a cult following due to the mystery surrounding the plot. In the series, a man is pulled out of a river with no memory of his past aside from two words: coronet blue. He gives himself the name Michael Alden and attempts to uncover who he is and why people are trying to kill him. He never finds out. Coronet Blue ended after only eleven of its thirteen episodes had aired (not that the last two provided any answers). Almost as intriguing as the mystery of Michael Alden is what went on behind the scenes: Coronet Blue was produced in 1965 but didn’t air until 1967.

I’ve also decided to write The Strange Case of “Selena Mead” simply because I’m interested in the topic. But “Coronet Blue” will come first. I’ll do my best to have it published before the new year.

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  1. Plautus Productions A Division Of Paramount Pictures Corporation In Which Herbert Brodkin Served As President Decided To Have Five Plautus Shows On The Air For The 1965-66 Season And All On CBS. Please Name All Of Those Shows.

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