Next Television Obscurities Article: Nielsen Black Weeks

You’ve cast your votes and with 44% of the vote the next Television Obscurities article will be Nielsen “Black Weeks, a subject I am looking forward to writing about:

Until the mid-1970s, the A.C. Nielsen Company (now Nielsen Media Research), which provided the networks with the all-important ratings information, would not release national ratings information four weeks out of the year. During these so-called “black weeks,” the networks would fill their schedules with plenty of repeats and the occasional “prestige” program (documentaries, specials, adaptations of classic novels).

It will be the first of two new articles I’ll be writing this month. The second, of my choosing, will probably be about a short-lived sitcom from 1956 called Joe & Mabel. I’ll also have a new exhibit for you during February. Stay tuned.

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