January’s Most Popular

The new year is already a month old. Hard to believe. Here are the ten most popular Television Obscurities articles, exhibits and video files for January of 2009. As always, these numbers can be easily skewed if another website links to a specific article at Television Obscurities and sends a huge amount of traffic to that particular article.

Ten Most Popular Articles – January 2009
10 Of The Most Outlandish TV Concepts Ever
Batgirl and the Batman Phenomenon
The New People
The Outsiders
Outtakes, Bloopers & Goofs
The Ugliest Girl in Town
Mr. Lucky
It’s About Time
Television Programs in 1941

Both It’s About Time and Television Programs in 1941 were new this month, pushing The Color Revolution: Television In The Sixties and The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.out of the top ten.

Five Most Popular Exhibits – January 2009

Famous Faces Do Commercials
Network Television Promotion
Computer Commercials, 1984-1994

Full Issue of 1951 TV News
TV Guide – Behind the Scenes of the 1964-1965 Season

I’ve decided to start listing the top five exhibits each month. There are currently six and by process of elimination we learn that The New People Comic Books is the least popular exhibit. I find that a little surprising. I am also surprised at how popular my latest exhibit, Computer Commercials, 1984-1994, turned out to be, ranking third this month.

Ten Most Popular Audio and Video Files – January 2009

Batgirl Promotional Short (Batgirl and the Batman Phenomenon)
Opening Credits to Mr. Lucky
Closing Theme to Mr. Lucky
Opening to W*A*L*T*E*R
Promo for ABC’s Monday Night Line-Up (The New People)
Scene from It’s About Time (Dinosaur Interrupts Wedding)
Opening Credits to It’s About Time (1st Version)
Land of the Giants Promotional Spot
Opening Credits to Cliffhangers
The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. Fall Preview

There must be a lot more fans of Land of the Giants out there than I thought because a promotional spot for the series is the first post in the Video Vault to crack the top ten most popular audio/video files.

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2 Replies to “January’s Most Popular”

  1. I’m a bit of a latecomer to your site. Looking over what you’ve got in your vault, my eye was caught by the 1951 issue of TV News for Buffalo-Rochester. I wasn’t surprised to see that TV News looked almost exactly like TV Forecast, our local magazine here in Chicago. The layout and design were identical: the emphasis was on local shows,as befit the times, but the pictures and stories of national stars were nearly the same. This reflects the loose networking that went on with local TV magazines at that time – which made it easier for Walter Annenberg to buy them all up in ’53 to use as the foundation for the national TV Guide. Anyway, it’s good to know that I’m not the only one who hangs on to this stuff…

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