Ernie Kovacs for Ford

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Here’s a lengthy commercial for Ford featuring Ernie Kovacs and his wife Edie Adams. It aired during NBC’s broadcast of “Peter Pan,” an installment of Producers’ Showcase, on March 7th, 1955.

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  1. This aired during the original telecast of “Peter Pan” on “PRODUCERS’ SHOWCASE” {March 7, 1955}, co-sponsored that evening by RCA and Ford. Edie Adams (Mrs. Kovacs) and one of his kids also appeared in this “intermission” ad…

    1. Interesting Ford was willing to take a flyer on Kovacs’ humor…but I am fairly sure it’s not his kid–Kovacs and Adams only got married the year before (and it’s a boy–his two kids notorious kidnapped by his ex-wife and kept from him for several years were girls)

      1. Ernie and Edie had a daughter, but in tragic irony she was killed in a car accident…20 years after and a short distance away from where Ernie’s fatal mishap occurred.

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