Next Television Obscurities Article: Broadcast Twice a Week (Or More)

I apologize for being a little late with this. Your votes have been counted and the next article I’ll be writing for Television Obscurities will be Broadcast Twice a Week (Or More):

When ABC debuted Peyton Place in September of 1964, broadcasting the half-hour drama twice a week, nobody had any idea how popular it, or the idea of airing a program more than once a week, would become. ABC soon expanded Peyton Place to three nights a week and considered a spin-off. CBS experimented with Our Private World, a prime time spin-off of soap opera As the World Turns. NBC expanded Dr. Kildare to twice a week; ABC did the same with Shindig. Oh, and then there was Batman.

I’ll be writing another article this month on a topic I’ve yet to choose and there will be a new exhibit. I’ve already put together a “show spotlight” on Second Chance/Boys Will Be Boys.

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