Broadcast Log for Teen-Age Book Club

Teen-Age Book Club was a live discussion series featuring teenagers critiquing a new book each week. It ran on ABC for 12 weeks from August 13th, 1948 to October 29th, 1948. The series aired Fridays from 7:30-8PM. Margaret C. Scoggin served as moderator.

Very little is known about content of the series, not the names of the books discussed or the names of the teenagers involved. Was there a regular panel that appeared every week or were new teenagers chosen each week?

Guests were featured on at least some episodes, including Betty Betz (author of Your Manners Are Showing: The Handbook Of Teen-Age Know-How), cartoonist Harry Haenigsen, editor/poet Louis Untermeyer, and John Campbell (editor of Astounding Science Fiction).

Season 1 (1948)
Ep. # Airdate Guests
1. 08/13/1948 Unknown
2. 08/20/1948 Unknown
3. 08/27/1948 Unknown
4. 09/03/1948 Betty Betz
5. 09/10/1948 Cartoonist Harry Haenigsen
6. 09/17/1948 Gareth Garreau
7. 09/24/1948 Ed Wallace
8. 10/01/1948 Ed Wallace
9. 10/08/1948 Louis Untermeyer
10. 10/15/1948 John Campbell
11. 10/22/1948 Unknown
12. 10/29/1948 Carl Glick

Airdates and guests are drawn from television listings published in The New York Times.

No episodes of Teen-Age Book Club are known to exist.

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