Broadcast Log for NBC Saturday Night at the Movies, Season 3

NBC Saturday Night at the Movies was the first regularly scheduled network movie night to feature post-1948 films when it premiered in September 1961. The movies were broadcast uncut and unedited and longer films that would not fit in the regular 9-11PM time slot were allowed to run past 11PM.

The third season premiered on September 21st, 1963 and ended on September 26th, 1964. It included 30 films and 23 summer repeats, several of which were films that had originally aired as installments of NBC Monday Night at the Movies.

Due to coverage of President Kennedy’s assassination, the November 23rd, 1963 broadcast was pre-empted. Imitation General was due to air that evening; it eventually aired in January 1964.

Season 3: 1963-1964
Ep. # Title Airdate Format
61. The Seven Year Itch 09/21/1963 Color
62. The Journey 09/28/1963 Color
63. Ask Any Girl 10/05/1963 Color
64. The Asphalt Jungle 10/12/1963 B&W
65. The Tall Men 10/19/1963 Color
66. Something of Value 10/26/1963 B&W
67. Let’s Make Love 11/02/1963 Color
68. The Diary of Anne Frank 11/09/1963 B&W
69. Untamed 11/16/1963 Color
PRE-EMPTED: Coverage of President Kennedy’s Funeral 11/23/1963
70. Count Your Blessings 11/30/1963 Color
71. The Left Hand of God 12/07/1963 Color
72. The Opposite Sex 12/14/1963 Color
73. A Man Called Peter 12/21/1963 Color
74. The Secret Partner 12/28/1963 B&W
75. Daddy Long Legs 01/04/1964 Color
76. Imitation General 01/11/1964 B&W
77. The Naked Spur 01/18/1964 Color
78. Until They Sail 01/25/1964 B&W
79. Lust for Life 02/01/1964 Color
80. The Band Wagon 02/08/1964 Color
81. Edge of the City 02/15/1964 B&W
82. The Story of Three Loves 02/22/1964 Color
83. Violent Saturday 02/29/1964 Color
84. Rally Round the Flag, Boys! 03/07/1964 Color
85. Black Widow 03/14/1964 Color
86. Man on Fire 03/21/1964 B&W
87. Wild River 03/28/1964 Color
88. Fourteen Hours 04/04/1964 B&W
89. The Vintage 04/11/1964 Color
90. Girl in the Red Velvet Swing 04/18/1964 Color
*Summer Repeats Begin*
REP The Reluctant Debutante* 04/25/1964 Color
REP The Seven Year Itch 05/02/1964 Color
REP Executive Suite* 05/09/1964 B&W
REP Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing* 05/16/1964 Color
REP Untamed 05/23/1964 Color
REP Something of Value 05/30/1964 B&W
REP The Opposite Sex 06/06/1964 Color
REP The Asphalt Jungle 06/13/1964 B&W
REP The Left Hand of God 06/20/1964 Color
REP Lust for Life 06/27/1964 Color
REP Let’s Make Love 07/04/1964 Color
REP Edge of the City 07/11/1964 B&W
REP View from Pompey’s Head* 07/18/1964 Color
REP Until They Sail 07/25/1964 B&W
REP A Man Called Peter 08/01/1964 Color
REP Rains of Ranciphur 08/08/1964 Color
REP The Journey 08/15/1964 Color
REP Rally Round the Flag, Boys 08/22/1964 Color
REP Wild River 08/29/1964 Color
REP Naked Spur 09/05/1964 Color
REP Diary of Anne Frank 09/12/1964 B&W
REP The Mating Game* 09/19/1964 Color
REP The Tall Men 09/26/1964 Color

*Originally aired as installments of NBC Monday Night at the Movies

NBC Saturday Night at the Movie remained on the air until September 1978. It has reappeared sporadically ever since.

10 Replies to “Broadcast Log for NBC Saturday Night at the Movies, Season 3”

  1. This was the first season when more than one studio’s “cache” of post-1949 films was featured on NBC’s movie nights. As previously noted, once 20th Century-Fox started making money by leasing several of their more recent films to the network, MGM was the next studio to “take the plunge”, and allow some of their ’50s “classics” [“Executive Suite”, “The Opposite Sex”, “The Asphalt Jungle”, “The Band Wagon”, et. al.] to be shown on NBC. MCA/Universal would take an even bigger step in the fall of 1964 by producing three original feature-length movies {under the “Project 120” banner} for the Saturday movie night [however, the first one, a remake of 1946’s “The Killers”, was deemed “too violent” by NBC, and that was given a theatrical release instead].

    “Edge of the City” {February 15, 1964} was a sort of “return engagement”; this 1957 MGM film had its origin as Robert Alan Aurthur’s “A Man Is Ten Feet Tall”, the last scheduled episode of NBC’s “PHILCO TELEVISION PLAYHOUSE” on October 2, 1955 [a kinescope exists]; Sidney Poitier repeated his acclaimed TV role, but Don Murray’s part was played by John Cassavettes in the movie.

  2. The bulk of the 20th Century-Fox films shown this season (if not all of them) wound up by the mid-to-late 1960’s on WABC-TV (Channel 7) in New York after the studio syndicated them following the expiration of NBC’s rights. The Marilyn Monroe film “Let’s Make Love,” for example, was featured in some “Marilyn Monroe Weeks” on “The 4:30 Movie” in the early and mid-1970’s.

    Meanwhile, the films from MGM were later scattered amongst two syndicated packages offered by the studio: “MGM/6” (90 films, combo off-network and first-run, the most famous, or infamous, in the latter category being “Lolita”; first made available late 1965 and in New York snapped up by WABC) and “MGM/7” (145 films, ditto; first made available in 1968; in NYC, split between WNBC-TV [Channel 4] and WOR-TV [Channel 9]).

    Of the MGM titles that aired this season on “SNATM,” the following were made part of the MGM/6 package: “The Asphalt Jungle,” “Executive Suite,” “Imitation General,” “Lust for Life,” “The Mating Game,” “Something of Value,” and “Until They Sail.” Those that were later among MGM/7 were: “The Band Wagon,” “Count Your Blessings,” “Man on Fire,” “The Naked Spur,” “The Opposite Sex,” “The Secret Partner,” “The Vintage,” “Ask Any Girl,” “Edge of the City,” “The Journey,” “The Reluctant Debutante,” and “The Story of Three Loves” (the first seven going to WNBC, the last five to WOR).

  3. I appreciate your pointing out those “packages”, W.B. Not only did those studios make money leasing those films to NBC, they also cleaned up by parceling them to local stations after their network runs. And to think those very studios were so adamant about TV, when those films were originally released….

  4. “N.B.C. Saturday Night At The Movies” even played Martin & Lewis’ “Jumping Jacks” I think in the 1966-67 season.

      1. Anyone have the NBC premiere broadcast date for Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis’s “Living It Up” (1954), I have the Tuesday May 09, 1967 repeat telecast date.

  5. Very interesting log to look at! a look back to the early 1960’s,saw many of these movies when originally aired on NBC Saturday Night at the Movies especially,August 4,1962 repeat of: THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL,that i vividly remember watching during summer school vacation,wrote down in my 1962 diary. I would hope you would information on more seasons in a future date! Thank you very much for information presently listed!

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