Broadcast Log for Hollywood Special

When it premiered in April 1962, ABC’s Hollywood Special was the second regularly-scheduled network movie night, following The NBC Saturday Night at the Movies (which premiered in September 1961). The network purchased a package of 15 films from United Artists Association and repeated nine of them, filling a total of 24 weeks.

My spotlight on Hollywood Special can be found here.

Season 1: 1962
Ep. # Title Airdate Format
1. Run Silent, Run Deep 04/08/1962 B&W
2. Indian Fighter 04/15/1962 B&W
3. Shake Hands with the Devil 04/22/1962 B&W
4. Pork Shop Hill 04/29/1962 B&W
5. Witness for the Prosecution 05/06/1962 B&W
6. Man of the West 05/13/1962 B&W
7. Moby Dick 05/20/1962 B&W
8. The Kentuckian 05/27/1962 B&W
9. Men in War 06/03/1962 B&W
10. The Wonderful Country 06/10/1962 B&W
11. Not As a Stranger 06/17/1962 B&W
12. Marty 06/24/1962 B&W
13. Ten Seconds to Hell 07/01/1962 B&W
14. Johnny Concho 07/08/1962 B&W
15. The Pride and the Passion 07/15/1962 B&W
*Summer Repeats Begin*
REP Pork Chop Hill 07/22/1962 B&W
REP Witness for the Prosecution 07/29/1962 B&W
REP The Wonderful Country 08/05/1962 B&W
REP The Indian Fighter 08/12/1962 B&W
REP The Kentuckian 08/19/1962 B&W
REP Not As a Stranger 08/26/1962 B&W
REP Men in War 09/02/1962 B&W
REP Run Silent, Run Deep 09/09/1962 B&W
REP The Pride and the Passion 09/16/1962 B&W

In September 1962, ABC retitled the series The Sunday Night Movie. It was cancelled at the end of the 1962-1963 season but would return in September 1964 and remain on the air almost continuously until 1998.

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  1. This is fascinating, thanks. I’m trying to find out about a 15 minute ‘documentary’ made for Hollywood Special with the working title ‘Hollywood Goes Independent’ (reported in Broadcasting 29.10.62 p 66) and subsequently retitled The Declaration of Independents’ and transmitted on ABC on Sunday 30.12.62 (Boxoffice 7.1.63: 11). The main subject was the Mirisch Company, which was then producing The Great Escape, Irma la Douce, The Pink Panther and two for the Seesaw. It was narrated by Arthur Knight. (Jack Lemmon’s narration was used for the foreign version). The Mirisch brothers also produced the movies Man of the West (which was 6th in that first run of Hollywood Special) and, through their company Moulin Productions, Moby Dick (which was 7th in that first run). I would be very grateful for anything further you can tell me about this episode.

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