Broadcast Log for Hollywood Special

When it premiered in April 1962, ABC’s Hollywood Special was the second regularly-scheduled network movie night, following The NBC Saturday Night at the Movies (which premiered in September 1961). The network purchased a package of 15 films from United Artists Association and repeated nine of them, filling a total of 24 weeks.

My spotlight on Hollywood Special can be found here.

Season 1: 1962
Ep. # Title Airdate Format
1. Run Silent, Run Deep 04/08/1962 B&W
2. Indian Fighter 04/15/1962 B&W
3. Shake Hands with the Devil 04/22/1962 B&W
4. Pork Shop Hill 04/29/1962 B&W
5. Witness for the Prosecution 05/06/1962 B&W
6. Man of the West 05/13/1962 B&W
7. Moby Dick 05/20/1962 B&W
8. The Kentuckian 05/27/1962 B&W
9. Men in War 06/03/1962 B&W
10. The Wonderful Country 06/10/1962 B&W
11. Not As a Stranger 06/17/1962 B&W
12. Marty 06/24/1962 B&W
13. Ten Seconds to Hell 07/01/1962 B&W
14. Johnny Concho 07/08/1962 B&W
15. The Pride and the Passion 07/15/1962 B&W
*Summer Repeats Begin*
REP Pork Chop Hill 07/22/1962 B&W
REP Witness for the Prosecution 07/29/1962 B&W
REP The Wonderful Country 08/05/1962 B&W
REP The Indian Fighter 08/12/1962 B&W
REP The Kentuckian 08/19/1962 B&W
REP Not As a Stranger 08/26/1962 B&W
REP Men in War 09/02/1962 B&W
REP Run Silent, Run Deep 09/09/1962 B&W
REP The Pride and the Passion 09/16/1962 B&W

In September 1962, ABC retitled the series The Sunday Night Movie. It was cancelled at the end of the 1962-1963 season but would return in September 1964 and remain on the air almost continuously until 1998.

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