The CW Fall Preview Airs Tonight

The CW, the network that probably shouldn’t exist, is broadcasting a half-hour fall preview special tonight from 6:30-7PM Eastern. You might want to tune in because who knows how much longer the network will be around. It was born when The WB and UPN merged a few years ago; another new network, MyNetworkTV, was also born from that merger (mostly made up of UPN affiliates). But it has decided to become a syndication outlet this fall with no original programming. And The CW is cutting back to airing two hours an evening Monday through Friday. That means just 10 hours a week. The Big Three — ABC, CBS and NBC — broadcast 22 hours a week while FOX airs 16 hours a week.

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3 Replies to “The CW Fall Preview Airs Tonight”

  1. The best “fall preview specials” are those where the host/hostess aren’t trying to “act funny” with mediocre material {a la NBC’s fall previews, over the past decade}- this one, co-hosted by Thomas Calabro [“MELROSE PLACE”] and Laura Leighton [“90210”], had them appearing as “straight emcees”, introducing the various previews of new and returning series on the CW…and they were quite good at “setting up” the segments. The preview segments themselves were also designed to be seen individually on local CW affiliates (usually late at night). If this special is repeated again, may I suggest you tune in, if only to prove that the network, even though it’s only airing 10 hours a week of prime-time series this coming season, isn’t quite “dead” yet.

    If an article is posted about the FOX fall preview that aired locally on WNYW in New York on August 29th, I’ll be happy to tell you what I think about that one as well…

  2. Oh, I don’t expect The CW to fold anytime soon. Too much money has been sunk into it. UPN managed to hang around for over a decade. Plus, by returning Sundays to affiliates, the network should increase its average rating/viewership quite a bit (see this article at

  3. Also, according to my local listings (from Zap2it), The CW Fall Preview Special will be broadcast again on Tuesday, September 1st, Sunday, September 6th and Monday, September 7th. All of these are affiliate airings, not network, so anyone who wants to catch the special should check their own local listings.

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