New Article: Nancy

I don’t know why I have such an interest in Nancy. It’s one of those shows, like , that for some reason fascinate me. The one episode I’ve seen, in addition to being of atrocious quality, was really sappy. I’ve read a script for another episode and it was equally sugary sweet. And yet I’d love nothing more than to see additional episodes.

Anyway, here’s the description for my article on Nancy:

It was the perfect concept for a television comedy: a handsome young veterinarian meets a beautiful young woman and falls in love. Then he learns she’s the daughter of the President of the United States of America. Hilarity ensues. Renne Jarrett and John Fink starred in this NBC series as the young lovers, with Celeste Holm and Robert F. Simon in supporting roles. Competing with The CBS Thursday Movie during the 1970-1971 season, the series was cancelled after just 17 episodes.

One tie-in novel was published based on the series and I’ll probably try to pick up a copy sooner rather than later. It may be an original story of a novelization of the first episode, I’m not sure.