WTMJ-TV Schedule, Week of Sunday, January 11th, 1948

Here’s the schedule for station WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the week starting Sunday, January 11th, 1948, straight from the weekly television listings printed in The Milwaukee Journal [1]. The station was off the air on Mondays and Tuesdays and filled the bulk of its schedule with news programs, movies, short film programs and the occasional variety program. There were some changes this week, including the addition of something called Let’s Talk Television and a name change for Teen Age Time, now known as Teen Canteen. On Thursday, January 14th a film consisting of footage from the World Series was broadcast.

Sunday, January 11th, 1948
8:00PM – Choral Concert.
8:15PM – Television Newsreel.
8:30PM – Selected Film Subjects.
8:45PM – Store Life.
9:00PM – Sunday Evening Theater, film.

Wednesday, January 13th, 1948
2:00PM – Meet Your Neighbor.
2:30PM – Let’s Look at the News.
2:45PM – Alaska, film.
3:00PM – Surprise Package.
3:15PM – Lost Jungle, serial.
7:45PM – News and Views.
8:00PM – Schuster’s Open House.
8:15PM – Women’s Newsreel.
8:30PM – Paul Skinner’s Music Room.
9:00PM – Let’s Talk Television.

Thursday, January 14th, 1948
2:00PM – Meet Your Neighbor.
2:30PM – Let’s Look at the News.
2:45PM – Cartoon Fun.
3:00PM – Surprise Package.
3:15PM – World Series Baseball Film.
7:45PM – News and Views.
8:00PM – Latin America, film.
8:20PM – Television Newsreel.
8:30PM – Wrestling from South Side Armory.

Friday, January 15th, 1948
2:00PM – Meet Your Neighbor.
2:30PM – Let’s Look at the News.
2:45PM – Science Film.
3:00PM – Surprise Package.
3:15PM – Lost Jungle, Serial.
7:45PM – News and Views.
7:55PM – Basketball, West Allis Hale at Shorewood.

Saturday, January 16th, 1948
2:00PM – Table Tennis Tournament.
2:30PM – Let’s Look at the News.
2:45PM – Your Attention, Please.
3:00PM – Teen Canteen: Cathedral high school and Pius XI high school, gueests.
3:30PM – Western Movie, “Big Boy Rides Again.”
7:45PM – News and Views.
7:55PM – Sports Thrill, film.
8:00PM – Variety Club.

Works Cited:

1 “Television Over WTMJ-TV.” Milwaukee Journal Screen-Radio. 11 Jan. 1948: 13.

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  • Barry I. Grauman says:

    Even though there were no major changes to the schedule, some tinkering and “adjusting” was done: apparently, “TEEN AGE TIME” didn’t sound appealing enough to those younger viewers who were supposed to tune in, so now it’s telecast under a more “inviting” title: “TEEN CANTEEN” (sure, hang around for a while and join in on the conversation!). “LET’S TALK TELEVISION” was probably a discussion program about the new medium- probably with some “demonstrations” and “musical interludes”, depending on the guests [“Tell me, Mr. Finch- how do YOU see television, in, say, five years from now?”/”I see television, in 1953, as a unique opportunity to enrich and make people’s lives better, through information and entertainment.”/”Do you believe the quality of programs presented by then, including our station, hopefully, will be higher than they are now?”/”Certainly. There’s always room for improvement…”].

    Saturday’s “WILD WEST THEATER” features another obscure Western- this time, 1935’s “Big Boy Rides Again’, featuring Guinn “Big Boy” Williams, from the independent “Max Alexander Productions”.

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