The Ghost & Mrs. Muir Color Bumper

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Here’s a very brief bumper for The Ghost & Mrs. Muir in which Hope Lange and Edward Mulhare inform viewers that their show is coming up next and is in color. I originally assumed it aired during a commercial break but in the comments, Mike Doran explained that it aired immediately prior to the opening credits during the show’s second season on ABC from 1969 to 1970.

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  1. This was run at the start of the episode after “Ghost & Mrs, Muir” moved to ABC for its second season. Had “Ghost” still been on NBC, the Peacock color logo would have aired in its place.
    When Cbs and ABC started airing shows in color, each net had its own color logo, CBS’s based on the Eye, ABC’s on its circular logo. ABC dropped theirs in the fall of ’66, ostensibly to add a couple of seconds to the program proper (well, that’s what they said at the time, anyway), while CBS hung onto theirs for a season or so longer. NBC’s Peacock, on the other hand, kept unfurling into the early ’70s.
    The color lead-ins for individual shows were left up to the production companies: Screen Gems (Columbia TV back then) had a distinctive one of its own which they used on all their ABC series, regardless of genre; you can probably find it if you look hard enough.

  2. Definitely a “color bumper” from the final season of the series on ABC. “BEWITCHED” had a similar one; Liz Montgomery: “Hi! Stay tuned for ‘BEWITCHED’, next- in color.”

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