Emerald Point N.A.S. Promotional Spot

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Here’s a brief promotional spot fro the February 27th, 1984 episode of Emerald Point N.S.A. The prime time soap ran on CBS during the 1983-1984 season. It starred Dennis Weaver, Patrick O’Neal, Maud Adams, and others.

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  • Barry I. Grauman says:

    This was during the period when the series was in SERIOUS ratings trouble…and there were only three more episodes that appeared after this one {“The Best Laid Plans”}. Apparently, CBS guessed wrong when they believed viewers wanted another glossy “prime-time soap”, a la “DALLAS” and “DYNASTY” (‘EMERALD POINT”, originally developed as “NAVY”, was created by the team responsibile for “DYNASTY”, Richard & Esther Shapiro}, sacrificing “CAGNEY & LACEY” on Monday nights in the fall of 1983 to schedule this 22 episode “wonder”. The network eventually wondered where “the huge audience” that was supposed to keep the show on the air was, and cancelled it the following month- only to bring back “CAGNEY & LACEY”…which continued for another four years…while “EMERALD POINT N.A.S.” was deservedly forgotten.

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