The Loretta Young Show Promotional Spot

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Here’s an incomplete promotional spot (or “An NBC Preview”) for The Loretta Young Show. I believe it ran in the fall of 1954 to promote the second season of the dramatic anthology which had premiered in September 1953 as Letter to Loretta.

The title was changed in February 1954 and the series would ultimately run through June 1961. I’m not familiar enough with the series to identify the first scene but the second scene, which is abruptly cut off, is from the April 25th, 1954 episode (“The Enchanted Teacher”).

The full spot likely ran either sixty or ninety seconds but it could have run even longer if it was a special preview rather than a traditional promotional spot.


  • Barry I. Grauman says:

    This is most likely a promo from a live NBC show that was “sustaining”; that is, all the “commercials” seen during the show were either in-house promos or public service announcements, because the network couldn ‘t sell the ad time to advertisers. I don’t know who the “live” announcer is, but he was probably part of the show this promo appeared on.
    I believe the first excerpt is from “Forest Ranger” {4/18/54}, which featured Loretta as the wife of a forest ranger, who’s targeted by an escaped convict for putting him away [this is probably why she declares, “You’re not going to get anybody!” and takes the convict’s gun before he subdues her]. That’s Mabel Albertson (Jack’s sister) opposite Loretta in the “Enchanted Schoolteacher”excerpt. The rest of the promo is missing, but I’m sure the announcer must have “wound up his pitch” this way-

    “So, if you enjoy warm, meaningful drama presented by one of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses, see ‘THE LORETTA YOUNG SHOW’ this Sunday evening, over most of these NBC stations”.

  • Paul Duca says:

    Especially beloved by Clark Gable….

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