NBC Cancels Next Caller Before It Premieres

NBC seems to be on a roll lately, creating “new” obscurities left and right. First the network announced it would broadcast the unsold pilot to Mockingbird Lane and now Deadline.com reports that the Peacock has canceled sitcom Next Caller, a planned mid-season replacement starring Dane Cooke, after taping four episodes (out of a six-episode order).

Production has shut down and the completed episodes are not going to be broadcast. I believe the last time this happened was with NBC’s Day One, which received a 13-episode order and was planned as a mid-season replacement for the 2009-2010 season. Four episodes were ultimately produced and there was talk of a telefilm being broadcast but nothing ever was.

My article Programs Cancelled Before They Premiered chronicles four shows that between 1964 and 1988 had episodes in the can but were nevertheless pulled before they could get on the air. The practice has become somewhat more common since the 1990s. I will have to update the list at the end of the article.

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