Articles Revised Through April 23rd

Over the past week I’ve finished revising a number of articles, most of which required only minor editing and formatting changes. Here’s a brief rundown:

Fall 1974: NBC – I revised my Fall 1974 articles on ABC and CBS months ago but for reasons I can’t remember now I held off on revising the NBC article. For each of the nine new shows NBC premiered as part of its 1974-1975 schedule, I’ve added additional ratings information and critical reviews.

The Mysterious Case of “Selena Mead” – The short “pilot presentation” filmed for this never realized 1964 drama series is among my holy grails. Luckily, UCLA has a copy, so there’s hope yet that one day I’ll get to watch it. I’ve expanded somewhat the section at the end of the article discussing the fate of the Selena Mead character.

The Mike Wallace Interview – I realized while rereading this article that I left out one very important detail. Six months after the end of The Mike Wallace Interview on ABC, Wallace began hosting a daily interview series on WNTA-TV in New York City also called The Mike Wallace Interview (or Mike Wallace Interviews). It was this series that saw Wallace chatting with the likes of Rod Serling and Ayn Rand, episodes that can be found on YouTube, not the ABC version.

Also revised with only minor editing and formatting changes: Early Networks and the East-Midwest Connection, Nielsen “Black Weeks” and Save Our Show Campaigns Prior to Star Trek

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