Streaming Guide Update – August 2018

I published my Streaming Guide to Short-Lived & Forgotten TV Shows in mid-July and the response was greater than I anticipated. My goal was to put together a useful guide for fans of short-lived TV shows and I think I succeeded. With this first update, the number of streaming services covered by the guide rises to nine with the addition of ABC and NBC.

Both networks offer a selection of “Throwback” TV shows through their websites, apps, and on streaming devices like Roku TV and Amazon Fire TV. Most of these shows are from the last decade or so and virtually all were produced by the studio connected to the network (ABC Studios for ABC and Universal Television for NBC).

Among the short-lived and forgotten TV shows from ABC you can stream are Eli Stone (ABC, 2008-2009), No Ordinary Family (ABC, 2010-2011), The River (ABC, 2012), Trophy Wife (ABC, 2013-2014), and Red Band Society (ABC, 2014-2015).

Some of the TV shows from NBC currently streaming include The Black Donnellys (NBC, 2007), Knight Rider (NBC, 2008), The Event (NBC, 2010-2011), The Cape (NBC, 2011), Guys with Kids (NBC, 2012-2013), and Growing Up Fisher (NBC, 2014).

Other new TV shows added to the guide include the following:

Amazon Prime
Colonel March of Scotland Yard (Syndicated, 1956) – 1 season, 26 episodes
Extant (CBS, 2014-2015) 2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
Mike Hammer, Private Eye (Syndicated, 1997-1998) – 1 season, 26 episodes
Mr. and Mrs. North (CBS/NBC, 1952-1954) 2 seasons, 57 episodes [50 streaming]
One Step Beyond (ABC, 1959-1961) – 3 seasons, 96 episodes [70 streaming]
Philly (ABC, 2001-2001) – 1 season, 22 episodes
Twin Peaks (ABC, 1990-1991) – 2 seasons, 30 episodes
Women of the House (CBS/Lifetime, 1995) – 1 season, 13 episodes

Napoleon Dynamite (FOX, 2012) – 1 season, 6 episodes

Great News (NBC, 2017-2018) – 2 seasons, 23 episodes [Season 1 only]

A big thank you to readers C. and Zach for their contributions, plus several people on Twitter.

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  1. Amazon Prime offers various “channels.” One is called Best TV Ever that specialize in 1950s TV. It cost 99 cents a month. You can also add other streaming services. If you are interested in old and recent foreign TV check out Acorn and Britbox (both charge a monthly subscription).

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