Articles Revised as of March 11th

I promised late last month to start posting a list of articles I’ve updated every few weeks. It was suggested over the weekend that I should also post a list of all the articles I’ve already updated. Otherwise, how will people know which articles they should reread? It was a good idea and so here is that list.

I’ve split it into two categories: articles that have been heavily revised and articles that have had only minor revisions. For the most part all I’ve done is upgrade the quality of videos and images with limited editing to the text. One thing I’m working on is standardizing terminology. I’m standardizing terms like “mid-season” instead of “midseason” and “time slot” instead of “timeslot.” That sort of thing.

As for the heavily revised articles, some have been totally rewritten while others feature new information on ratings, cancellation or reviewed. In some cases I’ve been able to watch additional episodes so there’s expanded information on plots and characters.

Heavily Revised
Minor Revisions

From here on out, I’ll be doing a much better job letting everyone know which articles have been revised.

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