Television Obscurities is Alive and Well

It has come to my attention over the past week or so that there may be a lot of people, including former daily readers of this site, who aren’t aware that Television Obscurities returned from its 2011 hiatus. And that’s on me. When I went on hiatus in January 2011, I knew full well that I would likely lose readers. But I was totally burnt out at that point and needed a break.

I tried scaling back the amount of time I spent working on the site and dropped the weekly update schedule, but eventually I just had to get away for a while. As it turned out, a while lasted six months. When the hiatus ended, I intentionally did not attempt to start a weekly update schedule again.

In June, Television Obscurities will celebrate its tenth anniversary. So, over the past two months I’ve been updating all of my articles. I’m about halfway through at the moment. Some have been heavily revised (like The Good Guys, The Rebel and The Ugliest Girl in Town) while others are just being cleaned up a little. In the process of updating the articles I’m also adding higher quality videos and images.

I’m also working on a few ideas for monthly columns that ideally would launch in late June/early July to coincide with the anniversary. And I’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes, fixing broken links, updating outdated information, deleting spam comments that made it past the spam filters. Once I finish updating all 80+ articles, I’ve got lots of ideas for new ones. Not to mention new exhibits and new spotlights on obscure shows and unsold pilots. But right now I’m focused on making sure all my existing content is up to date before adding much new content.

So, while I’m not posting every day and probably never will again, Television Obscurities is still very much an active website and blog. Moving forward, I’ll try to post a list of articles I’ve updated every week or two. Otherwise, nobody’s going to know there might be new videos or information on their favorite obscure shows.

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