Carson on TCM to Premiere July 1st

Carson on TCM, the TCM series announced last December that will feature interviews from The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, will premiere Monday, July 1st at 8PM. Conan O’Brien will be the host. Each hour-long episode will include five interviews, with the debut episode kicking off with a 1982 interview with Drew Berrymore. Read the press release here. It makes no mention of the single-interview interstitials described in the original December 2012 announcement.

Here’s the complete July schedule:

Monday, July 1 8 p.m. – Carson on TCM: Drew Barrymore (1982), Kirk Douglas (1988), Mary Tyler Moore (1978), Neil Simon (1980), George Burns (1989)

Monday, July 8 8 p.m. – Carson on TCM – Doris Day (1976), Charlton Heston (1976), Chevy Chase (1986), Steve Martin (1979), Tony Curtis (1973)

Monday, July 15 8 p.m. – Carson on TCM: Shelley Winters (1975), Ronald Reagan (1975), Robin Williams (1981), Jonathan Winters (1988), Michael Caine (1983)

Monday, July 22 8 p.m. – Carson on TCM: Mel Brooks (1975), Dom Deluise (1976), Bette Davis (1983), Burt Reynolds (1972), Fred Astaire (1979)

Monday, July 29 8 p.m. – Carson on TCM: Henry Fonda (1980), Elizabeth Taylor (1992), Susan Sarandon (1974), William Holden (1976), Goldie Hawn (1980)

Sadly, there likely won’t be any interviews from the first decade of the show, due to the fact that the bulk of the episodes broadcast between 1962-1973 no longer exist. At least two complete shows from 1972 survived, however, and will be released this month as the first volume of The Vault Series from Carson Entertainment Group, which will feature complete episodes of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (including commercials).

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