A Look at the Peabody Awards Collection

Winners of the 73rd Annual Peabody Awards were announced this morning (a complete list can be found here). Some of the winners were announced live on television for the very first time during today’s broadcast of CBS This Morning. Also featured was a short history of the Peabody Awards and a quick peek at the Peabody Awards Collection itself.

From approximately 0:48 to 1:02 you can see some of the 90,000 items in the collection, including 2″ videotapes and 16mm kinescopes. See below:

The Peabody Awards Collection can be searched online here.

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2 Replies to “A Look at the Peabody Awards Collection”

  1. Note that the majority of the excerpts shown in this report are CBS shows- either originally broadcast by them, or currently OWNED by them.

  2. The University of Georgia library actually some years back (I don’t know if they still allow this) allowed materials from the Peabody Archives that had been transferred to standard VHS tape to be checked out and circulated from the library. A refreshing contrast to the policies of similar archives like UCLA. Because of this, I was able to see some rarities like their compilation of highlights from Election Night, 1952, as well as a rare compilation NBC submitted of their 1973 World Series coverage that contains two key plays missing from the MLB Archives (The two Mike Andrews errors from Game 2).

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