2013-2014 Fall Preview Specials

We’re just under a month away from the start of the 2013-2014 television season on Monday, September 23rd. That means fall preview specials are right around the corner. ABC and CBS have announced network specials to air nationally while NBC, FOX and The CW are going with affiliate specials that won’t be broadcast nationally. So start checking your local listings this weekend to see if any of the specials are airing in your area. NBC’s special will also be seen on a variety of cable channels. Many of the specials may also wind up online, so check network and local station websites.

ABC – “ABC Fall Preview Special Presented by The Chew”

An hour-long network special hosted by Mario Batali, Michael Symon, Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly and Daphne Oz of ABC’s daytime talk show The Chew, to be broadcast from 7-8PM on Sunday, September 1st. A press release can be found here.

CBS – “CBS Fall Preview 2013”

A half-hour network special to air from 8:30-9PM on Thursday, September 12th. No additional details available.

NBC – “NBC Primetime Preview Show”

A half-hour affiliate special not airing nationally. Sean Hayes of upcoming sitcom Sean Hayes Saves the World will serve as host. The special began airing August 24th on local stations as well as NBCUniversal cable channels and web sites. It will also be shown on American Airlines flights. A press release can be found here. Check your local listings.

FOX – “2013 FOX Fall Preview”

A half-hour affiliate special, not airing nationally. Check your local listings. No additional details available.

The CW – “The CW 2013 Fall First Look”

A half-hour affiliate special, not airing nationally. Check your local listings. No additional details available.

9 Replies to “2013-2014 Fall Preview Specials”

  1. “ABC Fall Preview Special Presented by The Chew”
    DOB: Sun.Sep.1/2013, 7-8 pm
    0.4/2% A18-49, 2,340,000 P2+ Viewers (preliminary FAST National)

  2. This year’s edition of the ‘CBS Fall Preview 2013’ will be hosted by the cast of ‘We Are Men’, continuing a tradition going back a decade of having the fall special hosted by the cast of a favoured series or one that CBS has high hopes for. Here are the ‘CBS Fall Preview’ specials going back to 2005 and the CBS series crossover of that year:

    2013 – ‘We Are Men’
    2012 – ‘Two Broke Girls’
    2011 – ‘The Big Bang Theory’
    2010 – ‘The Defenders’
    2009 – ‘How I Met Your Mother’
    2008 – ‘The Insider’ (CBS syndicated series)
    2007 – ‘Rules of Engagement’
    2006 – ‘The New Adventures of Old Christine’
    2005 – ‘Two and a Half Men’

  3. The “ABC FALL PREVIEW SPECIAL” was repeated the next day, in “THE CHEW”‘s 1-2PM(et) time period.
    “THE NBC PRIMETIME PREVIEW SHOW” initially aired in New York on WNBC-TV at 7pm(nyt) on September 7th.

  4. This year, just to be different, I thought I would actually watch all the network fall preview specials. I just finished watching “The NBC Primetime Preview Show” (which can be viewed online here) and it did it’s job. I actually want to sample a few of NBC’s new shows (chiefly Ironside and The Michael J. Fox Show). You have to give whoever digitally inserted Sean Hayes into scenes from all the new shows credit for doing a darn good job.

  5. I watched “The CBS Fall Preview” last night. The segments with the cast from We Are Men were painful. If they were any indication of what the show will be like, there is no chance it is going to last. I do think I will sample Hostages and The Crazy Ones.

  6. I, on the other hand, watched the ‘CBS Fall Preview’ last night and found the hot tub bits with the cast of ‘We Are Men’ and the sizzle reel for the series to be highly amusing, almost along the lines of a comedy series I’d expect to see on SPIKE.

    Last nights ‘CBS Fall Preview’ also got the highest viewership in the past 10 years of the special being broadcast annually by the Eye:

    2013 – ‘We Are Men’ 6,750,000 P2+, 1.7 A18-49
    2012 – ‘Two Broke Girls’ 3,530,000 P2+ 0.9 A18-49
    2011 – ‘The Big Bang Theory’ 5,830,000 P2+ 1.7 A18-49
    2010 – ‘The Defenders’ 4,910,000 P2+ 1.4 A18-49
    2009 – ‘How I Met Your Mother’ 3,460,000 P2+ 0.9 A18-49
    2008 – ‘The Insider’ (CBS syndicated series) 3,380,000 P2+ 0.8 A18-49
    2007 – ‘Rules of Engagement’ 4,100,000 P2+ 1.0 A18-49
    2006 – ‘The New Adventures of Old Christine’ 2,250,000 P2+ 0.6 A18-49
    2005 – ‘Two and a Half Men’ 5,300,000 P2+ 1.6 A18-49
    2004 – ‘Two and a Half Men’ 6,275,000 P2+ 2.2 A18-49

  7. “The CW Fall First Look” was a mess. The previews were fine but the segment with cast members from the network’s new and returning shows were impossible to keep track of. I have no idea who was from which show.

    Also, the one new show I actually thought looked interesting — The 100 — is being held until mid-season. That’s disappointing.

  8. The CBS Fall Preview was repeated locally on WCBS-TV on Saturday afternoon, September 14th, at 1pm(nyt). A half-hour version of the ABC Fall Preview (featuring the cast of “THE CHEW”) aired on WABC-TV the following afternoon at 3:30pm(nyt).

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