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Here’s a promotional spot for All in the Family that I haven’t been able to date. The CBS eye is seen at the beginning but the announcer makes no mention of the network or a day and time. There is room at the end for local station identification. This could have been prepared for CBS affiliates to use. Any ideas?

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  1. The scenes depicted in this promo are from the 1973-’74 season (including “Archie in the Cellar”), so I’d say this was originally seen in the fall of 1974.

  2. 1974-75 Season. I have a couple audio recordings of this one from Hawaii. Usually the material used is from the previous season. Some of my CBS promo recordings from that season that used the shows theme. Others used music used in the episode itself like Cannon and Hawaii 5-0. Mary Tyler Moore used the last seconds of the open theme without vocals while a show like Barnaby Jones the open theme suddenly ended around 30 seconds.

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