Me-TV’s Fall 2013 Schedule Launches Today

I wrote about classic television digital specialty network Me-TV’s Fall 2013 schedule last month. It officially launches today and sees Gilligan’s Island, The Love Boat, F Troop, Wanted: Dead or Alive and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (starting in November) join the network’s line-up. Also being added on Fridays from 8-10PM is the “Me-TV Made for TV Movie” block. Listings for September show that the first three movies scheduled are all Perry Mason telefilms:

Friday, September 6th – Perry Mason: The Case of the All-Star Assassin
Friday, September 13th – Perry Mason: The Case of the Avenging Ace
Friday, September 20th – Perry Mason: The Case of the Defiant Daughter

According to its website, Me-TV plans to air made-for-TV movies based on the following shows: Perry Mason, Columbo, The Mod Squad, The Brady Bunch, Cannon, Vegas, Diagnosis Murder and The Andy Griffith Show. So those hoping to see actual made-for-TV movies not based on existing TV shows appear to be out of luck.

9 Replies to “Me-TV’s Fall 2013 Schedule Launches Today”

  1. Please don”t make us watch dumb shows like-Gilligans Island, F- troop, etc. These belongin the early am not prime tme

    I would like to see more dramas on Me-TV in the early evening.
    Untouchables, Vegas, etc.

  2. MeTV: please, please, please dump Gilligan’s Island, F-troop, Hogan’s Hero’s and The Love Boat. These shows DON’T have re-watchability!

    Please put Mary Tyler Moore back on your daily schedule. The greatest sitcom in the history of television deserves daily exposure.

    What happened to Rhoda? I was enjoying this delightful show every evening and now it’s been supplanted to a once a week airing:( Ditto to the Bob Newhart Show. I love these shows under the MTM umbrella.

    One comedy/drama that deserves to be rerun is James Brooks’ masterpiece Room 222. I haven’t seen this show in eons. I would love to see this delightful show on the air again.

  3. Speaking for myself, I’m very glad to see Gilligan, F Troop and Hogan’s Heroes on the schedule, and hope they’re going to be around for a long run like the first two had on Nick At Nite back in the day.

    I would love to see Phil Silvers and Car 54 get a better time slot, and Cannon more often than once a week (and if possible, the rarely shown 5th season) but having them on weekends is better than not having them at all. Great Fall schedule Me!

  4. How about adding Cheyenne to Most Wanted line up, how about putting Daniel Boone to Saturdays and add Ben Casey to that slot. I could use a little less MASH.

  5. Greater parity with the shows would make everyone happy (keeping episode counts for each show in mind). All good shows on ME, but I would suggest…

    More – Dick Van Dyke Show, Phil Silvers, Make Room for Daddy, Car 54, Get Smart

    Less – Gilligan’s Island, MASH, Leave it To Beaver (maybe reduce each to one per day)

    And Please Add – Andy Griffith Show, Mayberry RFD

  6. I just found this channel…and I love it! Gidget, different strokes, Bewitched I love it !!!!! Would love to see Love Boat, Bionic woman! Thanks !!!

  7. Why don’t you add Ben Casey to your ME TV programs? It was a gutsy show that presented hospital drama in a more realistic light. The use of stark black and white to add more drama helped put more emphasis on the dramatic. It’s an interesting study in black and white cinematography.

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