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Here’s a promotional spot for “The Secret Life of John Champman,” which aired on CBS in December 1976 as an installment of GE Theater. The special was loosely adapted from Blue Collar Journal: A College President’s Sabbatical, a book penned by John R. Coleman who, in 1973, took two months off from his job as president of Haverford College to learn a little about the life of manual laborers. Ralph Waite starred, with Pat Hingle and Susan Anspach in supporting roles. The 90-minute special was broadcast on Monday, December 27th, 1976 from 9:30-11PM.

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  1. Hmm. It’s not at all uncommon now to see people set out to live some kind of experience that they can then turn into a book. “The Year of Living Biblically” and “Eat, Pray, Love” come to mind immediately. The original book this movie was based upon seems like an early example of that.

    Unless, of course, writers have been doing that for centuries, and I’m not aware of it.

  2. I saw the original airing of this movie..I’ve done a lot of searching for the actors and title of this movie. can anyone tell me where I can purchase or see this movie? ive come a long way.
    thank you

      1. I’d like to have this movie as well. Really enjoyed Ralph Waite in it. Has anybody found a source for it?

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