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Here’s a promotional spot for Gambit, a daytime game show broadcast by CBS from September 1972 until December 1976. Wink Martindale served as host.

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  1. Hi! Oh! Wowwy!! I remember that game, I was watching it when I was only ten years young or so, it is scary though, because I forgot about that Game Show and when I saw the promo video here, it struck me in the head very strong, I think I am getting older, because looking at these game promo videos, it was old but those games had charisma and special feel about Them and the Natural Manners of the Guests also was awesome, it was not like today, it had a more Homy Feel and Warmth compare to Game Shows now. Excellent find. Take care.

    1. Bob, are you still having problems with videos loading slowly? I checked a number of different videos in Firefox and Internet Explorer on my computer and they loaded quickly.

  2. Ahhhhh, Gambit-I learned the basics of blackjack thanks to this show. Those cards weren’t regular, Wink, they were HUGE-Although thanks to Gambit, the artwork of those cards has been my favorite FOREVER.

    How ironic is it that it appears that Heatter-Quigley selected Wink Martindale because of his hit country-religous single “Deck of Cards” from 1959?

    Gambit, The Joker’s Wild, and The (New) Price is Right all premiered on the same day-September 4, 1972

    1. The real irony is that given his druthers, Bob Barker would have preferred to host GAMBIT, but CBS wanted him for THE NEW PRICE IS RIGHT

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