Problems with Videos?

I’ve been informed recently that some people are having problems viewing videos at both Television Obscurities the website and the blog. Instead of videos, they’re seeing “Loading the player…” instead. I try to test every video to make sure it works but occasionally mistakes are made. That being said, I have been unable to reproduce the issues being reported, so I thought I would run a test and ask for input.

I usually check content in Windows using Internet Explorer 11 as well as the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox; when I have the opportunity I also check content on a Mac using the latest versions of Chrome and Safari.

Below you should see a single video (a promotional spot for The Golddiggers) as well as a playlist with multiple videos (promotional spots for Saturday Night Live, from NBC Saturdays, 1984-1985). Plus, just for good measure, an audio file (the opening theme song to The New People).

Do these files play for you? If not, what Internet browser are you using?

Test – Single Video

Loading the player…

Test – Playlist

Loading the player…

Test – Audio File

Loading the player…

If you are having problems viewing videos, make sure your browser is not blocking JavaScript. I use the free version of JW Player to present video and audio. I know it does not always play well with Internet Explorer 9 or 10. Visit the official JW Player website and see if the video on the main page loads. If it does, then there’s probably something wrong here at Television Obscurities. If it doesn’t, then it might be your browser.

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  1. The tests above work properly. However, there are still some random problems. When I go to the articles on IT’S ABOUT TIME and NANCY, the videos are okay, but on THE REBEL and ACCIDENTAL FAMILY there is the “Loading the player…” message. What would be differences between them? Maybe that’s the Explorer 9 issue you mentioned.

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