Me-TV, Antenna TV, and Cozi TV Winter 2015 Schedules

Update: The information in this post is outdated. See this post for the latest schedule updates for Me-TV, Antenna TV, and Cozi TV.

Classic television digital specialty networks Me-TV, Antenna TV, and Cozi TV have rolled out their Winter 2015 schedules. The diginets have all added some new shows, removed current shows, and shifted other shows to accomodate all the changes. Here’s a brief overview:


Me-TV’s new schedule debuted on Thursday, January 1st. New shows include Carol Burnett and Friends (half-hour versions of The Carol Burnett Show), Quincy, M.E., and The Abbott and Costello Show. The diginet has also added The MeTV Mystery Movie, which will feature episodes of shows like McCloud, Banacek, and McMillan and Wife. Leaving the Me-TV schedule temporarily are shows like Dragnet, The Rogues, Leave It To Beaver, and The Green Hornet. Read more about the schedule changes here; a PDF of the new schedule (Eastern/Pacific) can be found here.

Antenna TV

In a move that may concern fans of older television shows, Antenna TV has added a number of more recent sitcoms like Doogie Howser, M.D., Evening Shade, Mr. Belvedere, and Small Wonder. Shows leaving the schedule included Bachelor Father, Sanford and Son, The Partridge Family, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and more. A PDF of the new schedule can be found here.

Cozi TV

Cozi TV’s new schedule started on Friday, January 2nd. Added to the diginet are shows like Murder, She Wrote, Adam-12, Bronco, Zorro, Wyatt Earp, and It Takes a Thief. The diginet has removed shows like Marcus Welby, M.D. and The Virginian. Read more about the new schedule here.

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  1. How about being back shows from the 1950 – “My Little Margie,” “Bringing up Father”, and “Amos and Andy”

    How are the present shows selected?

    What is the length of the contracts or viewing schedule?

    Would you be able to let viewers know when the last showing date is on a current channel (from the TV screen) and then what channel pick up the show?

    1. Please bring petticoat junction, bring lost in space metv on weekly early time, family affair on metv. Will these shows on this network


    2. I enjoyed The 6 Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman, Adam 12, The Virginian, Daniel Boone, The Big Valley, Now I can’t watch or record them on Saturdays?

    1. little house on the prairie and the waltons ,touched by an angel would be great to have on again. the new shows on today are no good.

      1. I like emergency and adam-12? What day and time are they gonna bring Mommas Family on metv i hope soon we love that show its so funny?

    2. I wish they would bring back little house on the prairie and the waltons? I hope if they do they have a all day or all weekend marathon of each one.

  2. How about dumping Three’s Company. It’s a offensive stupid show. And it’s not funny. I would love to see Full House, Whose The Boss, Cosby Show, Baby Makes 5, Night Court, My Sister Sam and My 2 Dads was a awesome shows.

    1. I have to say threes company, green acres sanford and son and the jeffersons shoud be taken off they are stupid shows

  3. I would absolutely LOVE to see “The Cosby Show” on Me TV! Their are so many great shows from the 80s and 90s that need to be reran.

  4. I love Route 66 and The Naked City, noir mysteries. I am enjoying the weeknight mysteries Banacek, McMillianvand Wife, and McCloud. The Bold Ones would fit into that round. What about Medical Center with Chad Everett? I do miss the Virginian.

  5. I’d love to see the classics from my generation: The A-Team, Macgruder and Loud, Hardcastle & McCormick, Moonligting and McGuyver. These are the best era in TV shows back in the ’80s.

  6. I agree with some of the other posters about bringing on the 80s and 90s classics! I grew up with Steinfeld, Cosby, Who’s the Boss and Marryed with Children. They were awesome shows and they don’t make shows like that anymore. I don’t watch the real old stuff cause it’s not funny and poor quality and so dated. I came across an old VHS of Dinosaurs that I recorded when I was a kid in the 90s and it was so funny. Id love to see this shown on metv or TV land.The 80s and 90s were the golden age of TV for sure!

  7. I can’t believe all of the lame requests for all of those substandard TV shows of the ’80s and ’90s. I’m sorry, but shows like “Married With Children” and “Seinfeld” are pure rubbish. They’re not the material which constitutes as a true classic TV show.

    If people want to watch those shows TVLand airs that rubbish. The only programs that MeTV, COZI and Antenna TV should air are the classics from the ’50s to the ’70s.

    1. Phillip i could not agree more….the dhows on now are family friendly fun and good quality entertainment. …classic tv is such a breath of fresh air…..50s to 70s reflect good wholesome family entertainment something so needed without the religious stuff….keep the formula seeing these classic greats are like welcoming old great friends. …and shows my visiting grandkids can watch without worry. Of gratuitous sex and excessive gore and violence.

  8. Would enjoy seeing episodes of the Police Story series.The series was one of the most realistic police shows. Many great actors made debut appearances in the series.

  9. I would like to see bewitched with Samantha and Darren Stevens and something like Living Color thats real funny

    1. No i think they need to take bewitched and i dream of jeanie they cant make things move and dissappear come on now

  10. please bring Ozzie and Harriet back and Kung fu
    Love those shows , please don’t eat the daisies to

  11. I used to watch adam 12 on my tv Jacksonville ch. 29 they took it off months ago and put emergency on for 2 hours when I emailed them they said cozi is showing it how do I get cozi with Comcast I want adam 12 back on my tv. in my bundle
    thanks ellen

      1. i would like to see land of the giants,hazel the Addams. family and the munsters i love all the old shows from 40s to 70s what. about patty duke gidget

  12. Me-Tv’s current 2015 fall line-up has too many sitcoms!. Why did they do this? Bring back the drama shows!! Actually, Me-Tv is getting really tiresome as they keep re-running the same titles over and over and over again! They need to add at least 6-8 new shows immediately and retire (for a couple of years at least) Gunsmoke, Bonanza, the Rifleman, Rockford Files and Daniel Boone. Get rid of the Night Gallery and bring back Twilight Zone!. Right now I’m watching Cozi-Tv a lot more as they have more dramatic shows to watch instead of idiotic sitcoms.

    1. To Me-TV’s credit, it has, as of this Monday, started showing reruns of Gunsmoke & Bonanza which haven’t been seen in years. It’s rerunning B&W hour-long Gunsmoke episodes from 1961-66, featuring Dennis Weaver as Chester (before Festus) and Burt Reynolds as Quint Asper. I wish it would rerun some of the half-hour episodes from 1955-61 timeframe, as an hour’s usually too long for me to stick with a Western. This is probably part of why The Rifleman is my favorite Western.
      It’s also rerunning so-called “lost” Bonanza episodes (from 1965 & later) which are not included in the standard syndication package. This should include the episodes from the early 70s which had a different theme song by David Rose, which to me was pretty catchy.

      1. Jon, The half hour Gunsmoke episodes are currently being shown on the Encore Westerns channel weekday afternoons

    2. i also think they could retire the westerns like bonanza and big valley. also retire columbo. they run the same episodes over and over again. the older shows are much better than the newer shows. also bring back little house and touched by an angel.

  13. Me-Tv is really getting tiresome! They keep showing the same shows over and over and over again! Now comedies dominate everywhere except Saturdays. It’s ridiculous! They need to retire several titles and bring in some new shows. I’m watching Cozi-Tv more now as they have a higher number of dramatic shows.

    1. yeah me tv is getting stale showing an hour of hogans heros m-f and colorized (yuck) episodes of gilligan island

  14. Me TV, Antenna and Cozi won’t last long unless they start airing the modern classics from the 80s 90s and 2000s. Would love to see Married with children, Seinfeld, Raymond, King of queens and Roseann these were my all time favorite shows ever made.

  15. Thanks for bringing Pyle petticoats junction/my three sons and the hillbillies back to me TV

  16. We just found your channel, we have been enjoying the Donna Reed
    Show. Finding the wholesomeness of the family show very refreshing. Please bring the series back

  17. We all grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons. I would really like to see that come back. Looney Tunes, The Jetsons, Pink Panther, even The Monkees just to name a few. Those were then followed by some lame Sci Fi flix like Creature from the Black Lagoon or Godzilla. THAT was entertainment! !

  18. Thanks for showing Perry Mason, Dead or Alive, Svengoolie, U.N.C.L.E. ,Carol Burnett, Hitchcock, Thriller, Bionic Woman, Wyatt Earp, Lone Ranger, Rebel, just to name a few.

  19. Any-body remember those goofy super-hero series from late 60’s or early 70’s like “Captain Nice”, or “Mr. Fantastic”?

    1. You mean “Mr. Terrific”… and I remember both of them. They both premiered the same week and ended the same week in midseason 1967. I preferred “Captain Nice” over “Mr. Terrific”; they were both lame IMO, but “CN” was slightly less so.

  20. I wish one of the classic TV networks would add the 1960’s medical drama, Ben Casey to their lineup. I haven’t seen it on TV in at least 30 years.

  21. I love My Three Sons especially when Robbie and Katie are together .I’m glad you will work Patty Duke in there as well.
    Please keep MyThree Sons

  22. Wish MEtv or cozi would bring back Moving’ On. I had looked for it then found it and now they took it off. Please bring Movin’ on; And put MASH on at 10pm and 10:30pm. I love to unwind with MASH at night before I go to bed.





  24. Please tell me you are not taking off The Rifleman EMERGECY! , Gunsmokre, & Bonanza on Ch. 21.2 MeTV during the weekdays!!! My favorite shows. You used to have I Love Lucy on later in the day instead of the crack of dawn. And will Adam-12 be back on MeTV anytime soon? Please bring them all back!

    Thank You-
    Cindy Dye
    Burleson, TX 76028
    [email protected]

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