TV Guide Ad: Smothers Brothers Show and Slattery’s People

Here’s a CBS TV Guide ad from September 1965 promoting the series premiere of the network’s new sitcom The Smothers Brothers Show and the return of its critically-acclaimed drama Slattery’s People:

Scanned black and white TV Guide ad for The Smothers Brothers Show and Slattery's People

TV Guide Ad for The Smothers Brothers Show and Slattery’s People – Copyright 1965 Triangle Publications, Inc.

The Smothers Brothers Show starred Dick and Tom Smothers. Dick played a publishing executive while Tom played his deceased brother who returned to Earth as a new angel tasked with helping people. He wasn’t very good at helping, however, and Dick often had to help. It lasted the entire 1965-1966 season, airing 32 episodes between September 1965 and April 1966.

Slattery’s People returned for its second season in September 1965. Despite praise from TV critics, the series was low-rated throughout its first season and did no better in its second. So CBS dropped it in November 1965, just ten episodes into the 1965-1966 season.

The two shows premiered on Friday, September 17th, 1965.

This particular ad is from the Eastern Illinois Edition of TV Guide. Channel 3 was WCIA-TV in Champaign, IL. The station was in the Central Time Zone. In the Eastern and Pacific Time Zones, The Smothers Brothers Show ran from 9:30-10PM on Fridays while Slattery’s People ran from 10-11PM.

Image Credit:
TV Guide, September 11th, 1965 (Vol. 13, No. 37), Eastern Illinois Edition, Page A-67.

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