TV Guide Close-Up: Inger Stevens in Sweden

Here’s a TV Guide Close-Up from February 1965 promoting “Inger Stevens in Sweden” on ABC:

Scanned black and white TV Guide Close-Up for Inger Stevens in Sweden on ABC

TV Guide Close-Up for Inger Stevens in Sweden – Copyright 1965 Triangle Publications, Inc.

The hour-long special aired Friday, February 26th, 1965 from 8-9PM. Clairol served as sponsor. As far as I know, “Inger Stevens in Sweden” hasn’t been seen since its original broadcast over 50 years ago. However, Library of Congress has a copy of the special in its collection.

This particular Close-Up is from the Western New England Edition of TV Guide. Channel 7 was WNAC-TV in Boston, MA; Channel 8 was WNHC-TV in New Haven, CT; Channel 20 was WATR-TV in Waterbury, CT; and Channel 40 was WHYN-TV in Springfield, MA.

Image Credit:
TV Guide, February 20th, 1965 (Vol. 13, No. 8), Western New England Edition, A-69.

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