WNBT Schedule, Week of February 16th, 1947

Here’s the schedule for WNBT, the NBC station in New York City, for the week starting Sunday, February 16th, 1947. The New York Times published daily listings for television stations in the city, including WNBT, alongside its comprehensive radio listings.

On Sunday, February 16th, WNBT aired “Miracle in the Rain,” adapted from Ben Hecht’s novella of the same name. It starred John Forsythe (yes, that John Forsythe), Nydia Westman, and Phyllis Ryder. Apparently, WNBT’s transmitter failed during the broadcast, forcing the station to restage it the following week. In a 1958 newspaper article about his sitcom Bachelor Father, Forsythe recalled director Fred Coe walking onto the stage to inform the cast the broadcast had been cancelled. He also remembered Coe saying they’d try again the next night, which did not happen.

Books on Trial aired its second episode on February 17th. WNBT was off the air again on Tuesday and Wednesday, or at least The New York Times printed “No Programs Scheduled” on those days.

Saturday, February 22nd saw WNBT present a full evening schedule rather than just a feature film. The 1936 movie Mill on the Floss, staring James Mason, kicked things off at 8PM. A special installment of Tele-varieties followed at 8:20PM, then a film short, and finally a birthday program for George Washington aired at 8:40PM.

Sunday, February 16th, 1947
 8:00PM Dancing on Air
 8:20PM Tele-varieties
 8:35PM Play: Miracle in the Rain, with John Forsythe, Nydia Westman, Phyllis Ryder

Monday, February 17th, 1947
 8:00PM Books on Trial from Barbizon-Plaza Auditorium
 8:30PM Film Short
 9:00PM Television Reporter
 9:10PM Boxing, St. Nicholas Arena

Tuesday, February 18th, 1947
No Programs Scheduled

Wednesday, February 19th, 1947
No Programs Scheduled

Thursday, February 20th, 1947
 7:50PM Television Newsreel
 8:00PM Hour Glass: Variety
 8:45PM Ski News

 9:00PM You Are an Artist-Jon Gnagy
 9:15PM Film Short

Friday, February 21st, 1947
 8:00PM Campus Show [Campus Hoopla] with Clair Bee
 8:20PM Ski News and Films
 8:30PM I Love to Eat
 8:45PM World in Your Home–Film
 9:00PM Boxing, Madison Square Garden

Saturday, February 22nd, 1947
 8:00PM Feature Film: Mill on the Floss, with James Mason
 8:20PM Tele-varieties
 8:35PM Film Short
 8:40PM Washington’s Birthday Program

Note: Television listings published in newspapers were based on information provided by stations and were subject to change at the last minute. They may not be an accurate representation of what actually aired.

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