June 2017: The Month in Home Media

The Month in Home Media is a monthly column highlighting short-lived or rare television series, specials, miniseries or made-for-TV movies released on DVD or Blu-ray during the previous month, as well as recent additions to streaming services like Warner Archive Instant. The releases discussed in this column are encoded for Region 1 use in the United States and Canada. The Month in Home Media is published on the first Thursday of each month.

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June 2017 saw one season wonder It’s About Time (CBS, 1966-1967) released on DVD as well as short-lived Western Hondo (ABC, 1967). Plus, Amazon Prime began streaming episodes of My Living Doll (CBS, 1964-1965). And Hulu started streaming The Firm (NBC, 2012) and Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23 (FOX, 2012-2013).

DVD/Blu-ray Releases

It’s About Time: The Complete Series (TV Series, ClassixFlix, DVD)
Sherwood Schwartz, the man responsible for Gilligan’s Island, created this one season wonder. The CBS sitcom initially told the story of two astronauts (played by Frank Aletter and Jack Mullaney) who travel to prehistoric times. They befriend a cave family and later return with the cave people to the present. Imogene Coca and Joe E. Ross also starred. A total of 26 episodes aired during the 1966-1967 season. A new interview with Pat Cardi (who played Breer) is included on the set as a bonus feature.

Hondo: The Complete Series (TV Series, Warner Archive, DVD)
Based on the 1953 John Wayne film of the same name, the TV series starred Ralph Taeger as Hondo Lane. The former Confederate soldier operates out of Fort Lowell in Arizona Territory. Along with with his dog, Sam, he hopes to prevent violence between the United States Army and Indians. Co-stars included Gary Clarke, Noah Beery, Jr., Kathie Brown, and Buddy Foster. The series ran for 17 episodes on ABC during the 1967-1968 season. Note: This is a manufacture-on-demand set.

DVD/Blu-ray News

FOX sitcom Ned and Stacey, which ran from 1995 to 1997, produced a total of 46 episodes over the course of two seasons (24 during Season 1, 22 during Season 2). But only 35 ever aired in the United States. FOX pulled the series after airing 11 of the 22 episodes produced for Season 2. Way back in 2005, Sony released the first season on DVD. On September 26th, Shout! Factory will release the complete series on DVD–including those 11 unaired episodes from Season 2 (TVShowsOnDVD.com).

The Astronaut Wives Club, which ran for 10 episodes on ABC during the summer of 2015, is coming to DVD courtesy of Mill Creek. A 2-disc set will be available on September 12th (TVShowsOnDVD.com).


The surviving episodes of My Living Doll (CBS, 1964-1965) began streaming on Amazon Prime last month. Previously, they were available for purchase. Hulu added one season wonder The Firm (NBC, 2012) in June, plus Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23 (FOX, 2012-2013), which ran for two incomplete seasons.

Hit the comments with any news about upcoming DVD/Blu-ray releases or additions to streaming services.

2 Replies to “June 2017: The Month in Home Media”

  1. If you think about it, the recent Cavemen TV series was essentially a remake of It’s About Time, especially the point where they retooled it to bring the cavemen into the future. It probably helped that the theme song was released on TVT records since many who had never even heard of the series learned about it from those records.

  2. ‘Hondo’ was a good series. I recently caught a few episodes on Antenna, and was surprised at how enlightened it was…not your typical shoot-em-up 50s-60s western.

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