Audio Vault: WISH-TV Commercial Break (12/25/1972)

Here’s audio from a December 25th, 1972 commercial break aired on CBS affiliate WISH-TV (Channel 8) in Indianapolis, Indiana:

This particular commercial break aired during an episode of The New Bill Cosby Show (10-11PM ET). It includes a CBS network promotional spot for The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour, a trailer for the movie Hit Man, and a local WISH-TV news promotional spot.

Here’s a transcript:

[Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour Promo] “Carroll O’Connor visits Sonny and Cher at their new night and time. Wednesday at 8, 7 central on CBS.”

[Hit Man Movie Trailer] “The heavy dudes were running scared. Once they turned him on, they couldn’t turn him off. ‘Yeah, I know him, Mr. Zito.’ ‘Get him.’ They wanted him dead. But who could do the job on the Hit Man? Bernie Casey is Tackett, the Hit Man. ‘Hit Man, now showing at the beautiful Indiana theater down town. Continuous matinees daily.'”

[WISH-TV News Promo] “All the news at 11 on Channel 8.”

This audio comes from a collection of reel-to-reel audio tapes used to record network and local TV programs between 1967 and 1972.

About This Recording

Source: Reel-to-reel audio tape
Date: Monday, December 25th, 1972
Network: CBS
Station: WISH-TV (Channel 8, Indianapolis)

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6 Replies to “Audio Vault: WISH-TV Commercial Break (12/25/1972)”

  1. Kind of surprising that movie playing in Indianapolis. A historical note about that S&C show: On that episode, O’Connor introduced the song “Remembering You”, which used the closing melody of AITF. The music reminded him of the 1930’s, and he followed this performance with an album of old standards. My mother owned this album and it brought back some pleasant memories.

    1. O’Connor himself is credited with writing the lyrics for “Remembering You” to the tune by Roger Kellaway. The closing theme never used the lyrics though. I wonder though if O’Connor wrote these unheard lyrics so he could earn royalties for the music I’ve read that Gene Roddenberry wrote lyrics for Alexander Courage’s STAR TREK theme to share in the royalties for the music.. Allegedly Courage from then on refused to write any more music for Roddenberry.

      1. If you check the credits of “Archie Bunker’s Place”, it does give O’Connor a songwriting credit, even though the lyrics were never sung on either series. Also, he insisted on a producer’s credit on “In The Heat Of The Night”.

  2. The timeslot switch of Sonny and Cher resulted in higher ratings for the show. In December of 1972 CBS moved Sonny & Cher to Carol Burnett’s timeslot, Carol Burnett to Mission:Impossible’s Saturday at 10 and Mission:Impossible to Fridays at 8 (Where Sonny & Cher were). This also sparked Carol Burnett’s ratings and her show ran for five more seasons. But Mission:Impossible got beat up by NBC competition Sanford and Son and was canceled. The next year Sonny & Cher were in the top 10 but they also announced their divorce so CBS took the show off. Only to bring Cher back by herself then reunited with Sonny about a year after that.

  3. About the star of “Hit Man”, IIRC Bernie Casey went to Bowling Green State University about the same time my father was enrolled there.

  4. very funny.. and while on this topic; where was Glenn Campbell at studio city CBS by this time?? ”’tragically his memories will never be written/ ”’THEY ARE GONE WITH HIS OLD AGE-*-…..a GOOD starting point is with the origin of the studio musicians’ unions in California 1965* and with the JOHNNY MANN SINGERS– after Smothers Brothers were gone…>>.even Mannix got blurbs for current rock bands BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD for example in 1967====>>Sonny & Cher was basically the final pivot point where tv variety shows promoted the latest talents—-

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