Audio Vault: WRTV Commercial Break (12/25/1972)

Here’s audio from a December 25th, 1972 commercial break aired on NBC affiliate WRTV (Channel 6) in Indianapolis, Indiana:

This particular commercial break aired following Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In (7 8-9PM ET) and before NBC Monday Night at the Movies (9-11PM ET). Included in the break are an NBC hockey promo, a movie trailer for Pete ‘n’ Tillie, a local commercial, and a holiday greeting from WRTV.

Here’s a transcript:

[NBC Hockey Promo] “Speed. Strength. Courage. And skill. That’s what makes the players of the National Hockey League the best in the world. See for yourself when the champion Boston Bruins meet the Minnesota North Stars. Friday at 8:30, 7:30 central time on NBC.”

[Pete ‘n’ Tillie Movie Trailer] “Walter Matthau is Pete. Carol Burnett is Tilly. In Pete ‘n’ Tillie. ‘Get yourself a new song or a new girl!’ ‘Don’t wear a girdle. I mean, give the rear bumpers a chance.’ ‘The honeymoons over. It’s time to get married.’ Walter Matthau. Carol Burnett. In Pete ‘n’ Tillie. ‘See Pete ‘n’ Tillie now at three theaters: Nora, Lafayette Square, Regency II.

[Indiana National Bank Commercial] “‘You know, some of my friends still don’t understand how a guy like me was able to retire on a houseboat like this. Instead of letting my money dribble away a dime at a time, I put something aside from every pay. You know what I mean?’ We know what you mean. The bank. Indiana National.”

[WRTV Greeting] “Wishing you peace on Earth.”

This audio comes from a collection of reel-to-reel audio tapes used to record network and local TV programs between 1967 and 1972.

About This Recording

Source: Reel-to-reel audio tape
Date: Monday, December 25th, 1972
Network: NBC
Station: WRTV (Channel 6, Indianapolis)

This is my last Audio Vault post for the foreseeable future. I’ve used up most of the commercial breaks and other interesting audio from the 1967-1972 collection of reel-to-reel audio tapes.

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7 Replies to “Audio Vault: WRTV Commercial Break (12/25/1972)”

  1. LAUGH-IN started at 8 PM, not 7 PM, ET.

    Thanks very much for sharing these clips over the last few months. I hope that you might come across other clips worthy of sharing here sometime.

  2. I’m glad to hear so many people have enjoyed these posts. I hope to have the opportunity to share additional network and local television audio in the future.

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