WNBT Schedule, Week of December 7th, 1947

Here’s the schedule for WNBT (NBC’s flagship TV station in New York City) for the week starting Sunday, December 7th, 1947. The New York Times published daily listings for television stations in the city, including WNBT, alongside its comprehensive radio listings.

WNBT broadcast the second installment of dramatic anthology Theatre Guild on Sunday (December 7th). Leo G. Carroll starred in a production based on John Phillips Marquand’s 1937 novel The Late George Apley.

Quiz show Americana debuted on Monday (December 8th) with host John Mason Brown. Guests featured in this first episode include Bennett Cerf, Millicent Fenwick, Lewis Gannett and Linda Farnham. The series ran until July 4th, 1949. A single episode survives at the UCLA Film & Television Archive.

No programs were scheduled for Tuesday (December 9th).

On Wednesday (December 10th), Kraft Television Theatre presented an adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s 1895 play The Importance of Being Earnest.

Author Meets the Critics aired in place of Meet the Press on Thursday (December 11th).

Department Store Shopping Tips aired for the second time on Friday (December 12th). A program about billiards followed, featuring Willie Hoppe and Willie Mosconi.

On Saturday (December 13th), WNBT broadcast a drama called “Cold Wave” from Washington, D.C. featuring the Catholic University Players. The NBC station in Washington, D.C. (WNBW), likely relayed the program to WNBT.

Sunday, December 7th, 1947
 1:50PM Football: Giants vs. Washington, at Polo Grounds
 8:00PM Author Meets the Critics
 8:30PM Television News
 8:40PM Theatre Guild: The Late George Apley with Leo G. Carroll, Janet Beecher, Others
 9:45PM Review of the News

Monday, December 8th, 1947
 8:00PM Television News
 8:10PM Americana–Quiz. With John Mason Brown; Guests, Bennett Cerf, Millicent Fenwick, Lewis Gannett, Linda Farnham
 8:35PM Boxing, St. Nicholas Arena

Tuesday, December 9th, 1947
No Programs Scheduled

Wednesday, December 10th, 1947
 5:00PM Children’s Program
 7:25PM Press Releases
 7:30PM [Kraft Television Theatre] Drama: Importance of Being Earnest
 8:30PM In the [Kelvinator] Kitchen–Alma Kitchell
 8:45PM Star Dressing Room
 9:00PM Current Opinion
 9:15PM U.S. Camera Show

Thursday, December 11th, 1947
 8:00PM Author Meets the Critics: The World Within
 8:30PM Television News
 8:40PM Musical Merry-Go-Round
 9:00PM You Are an Artist-Jon Gnagy
 9:10PM Eyewitness

Friday, December 12th, 1947
 1:00PM [Swift] Home Service Club: Tex and Jinx
 1:30PM Television Newsreel
 8:00PM Football–Lou Little
 8:20PM Film: The World in Your Home
 8:30PM Department Store Shopping Tips
 8:45PM Billiard Show, with Willie Hoppe, Willie Mosconi
 9:15PM Boxing, Madison Square Garden

Saturday, December 13th, 1947
 4:00PM Drama: Cold Wave, by Catholic University Players, Washington, D.C.

Note: Television listings published in newspapers were based on information provided by stations and were subject to change at the last minute. They may not be an accurate representation of what actually aired.

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