Nielsen Bottom 10, September 17th-23rd, 1973

Week 2 of the 1973-1974 season started on Monday, September 17th, 1973 and ended on Sunday, September 23rd, 1973. The highest-rated program was Bonnie and ClydeThe CBS Thursday Night Movies) on CBS with a 33.5/48 Nielsen rating/share. Here are the 10 lowest-rated programs:

## Program Network Rating
51 NBC News Special NBC 12.7/22
52 Room 222 ABC 12.4/20
53 “Snoop Sisters” NBC 12.1/29
54 Egan ABC 11.7/20
55 Love, American Style ABC 11.1/19
56 NBC Follies NBC 10.2/17
57 Streets of San Francisco ABC 10.9/19
58 Partridge Family ABC 10.7/18
59 Calucci’s Dept. CBS 10.4/18
60 Love Thy Neighbor ABC 10.4/17

ABC aired unsold pilot “Egan” from 8-8:30PM ET on Tuesday, September 18th. It starred Eugene Roche as a detective working in Los Angeles.

NBC broadcast an hour-long NBC News special from 10-11PM ET on Sunday, September 23rd. Topics covered included school bus safety, gold, and the Mormon church.


“‘Bonnie, Clyde’ Tops Billie Jean, Bobby.” Los Angeles Times. 8 Oct. 1973: C26.

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7 Replies to “Nielsen Bottom 10, September 17th-23rd, 1973”

  1. “ABC aired unsold pilot “Egan” from 8-8:30PM ET on Tuesday, September 18th. It starred Eugene Roche as a detective working in Los Angeles. The real-life….”

    RJ – The real-life…what?


    1. Oh wow. I don’t remember. I wrote this post weeks ago. I think it was something about the real-life detective the proposed TV show was based on having a role in the pilot.

  2. Lots of memories here. As the headline referenced, this was the week of the “Battle of the Sexes” tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. It was broadcast live from the Astrodome on ABC with commentary by Howard Cosell. “The Partridge Family” was switched to Saturday night opposite “All In The Family”, which of course was the kiss of death!

  3. In 1975, Gunsmoke sinked down from the Top 10 to the Bottom 10. Monday night followers Maude and Rhoda are still in the Top 10.

  4. You can see how popular feature films were back then. Two weeks in a row they beat All in the Family for the number one show. This may be the year Sanford and Son starts to challenge AITF as the number one show. I seem to recall them being neck and neck for a couple of years. But the Bunkers won out.. I watched niether one. It was the Bradys on Fridays and the Partridges on Saturday

  5. Sanford And Son was number 3 that season behind The Waltons, but would be number 2 next year and helped Chico And The Man to be the highest rated new show at number 3. Clearly you were one of the few kids still watching those family shows that year as Norman Lear accended to the king of sitcoms.

    1. Yep I was one of the few. I was 11 years old and I did watch both All in the Family and Sanford and Son latter on but not yet. I remember being upset when ABC moved The Patridge Family to Saturday nights. My Grandma ever the realist told me to enjoy The Patridge Family “while it lasts” gulp!

      We did watch The Waltons though. All three generations of us agreed it was a good show. My sister had a crush on John-Boy.

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