6 Short-Lived Network TV Shows from 2018 You’ve Already Forgotten

Later this week I’ll be publishing my annual review of the “new obscurities” from the past year listing all of the short-lived and soon-to-be-forgotten network TV shows from 2018. Until then, enjoy this brief look at six network TV shows from 2018 you’ve probably already forgotten about. How many did you watch?

LA to Vegas (FOX)

Premiered: January 2nd
Episodes: 15

I loved this show. Every episode was hilarious and I was very disappointed it wasn’t renewed for a second season.

Life Sentence (The CW)

Premiered: March 7th
Episodes: 13

Life Sentence aired on The CW so it had the smallest audience. Just 370,000 viewers watched the final episode. Were you one of them?

Alex, Inc. (ABC)

Premiered: March 28th
Episodes: 10

I’m a huge Scrubs fan so I gave this sitcom a shot because it stars Zach Braff. The pilot didn’t hook me. Neither did the second episode. That’s when I stopped watching.

The Crossing (ABC)

Premiered: April 2nd
Episodes: 11

I knew two things before sitting down to watch the series premiere of The Crossing. The show was going to end on a cliffhanger and ABC wasn’t going to renew it for a second season. I was right, although to be to the writers and producers the final episode did provide closure to some storylines. Others were left dangling, never to be completed.

Take Two (ABC)

Premiered: June 21st
Episodes: 13

If Take Two looked like a copy of ABC’s long-running Castle that’s because Castle creator Andrew W. Marlowe and Castle executive producer Terri Edda Miller created it. I have to assume if ABC had little faith in the show, which is why the network burned it off over the summer.

I Feel Bad (NBC)

Premiered: September 19th
Episodes: 13

Technically, NBC hasn’t cancelled I Feel Bad. It simply hasn’t picked up any additional episodes for this season. The network aired the 13th and final episode from the first season last week on December 27th. It’s possible but unlikely the show comes back next season. Personally, I wanted to like I Feel Bad. I really did. But I gave up after watching the first two episodes. The cast was fine but the humor just wasn’t there.

How many of these shows do you remember? Any of them? Which do you miss the most? And be sure to check back next week for my comprehensive review of short-lived network TV shows from 2018.

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  1. LA to Vegas suffered from the airline curse. Aside from Wings, just about every show involving airlines has failed in it’s first year whether it be a drama or a comedy.

    The premise of Alex, Inc. came across really bad to anyone who has actually podcasted. It completely misrepresents podcasting. The vast majority of podcasters make no money whatsoever from podcasting. They’re just private individuals working at home in their free time. There are a few exceptions like TWIT but those are very few. It also came at a time when vidcasting on YouTube has taken over.

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