Nielsen Bottom 10, December 10th-16th, 1973

Week 14 of the 1973-1974 season started on Monday, December 10th, 1973 and ended on Sunday, December 16th, 1973. The highest-rated program was All in the Family on CBS with a 32.8/53 Nielsen rating/share. Here are the 10 lowest-rated programs:

## Program Network Rating
54 Roll Out CBS 12.4/20
56 Temperatures Rising ABC 12.2/19
57 Toma ABC 12.2/19
58 Diana NBC 11.8/17
59 ABC Suspense Movie (“You’ll Never See Me Again”) ABC 11.6/19
60 CBS Festival of the Arts CBS 10.4/18
61 CBS Thursday Movie (“The Last Escape”) CBS 10.4/17
62 The Rock & Roll Years ABC 10.2/16
63 Griff ABC 10.1/18
64 Calucci’s Dept CBS    6.1/10

Yes, the chart published in The Los Angeles Times jumped from 54th to 56th, skipping 55th. Was it a simple typo? Was there a 55th program inadvertently left off the chart?


“Seasonal TV Specials Hit Top 10.” Los Angeles Times. 21 Dec. 1973: E38

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2 Replies to “Nielsen Bottom 10, December 10th-16th, 1973”

  1. THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY is noticeably missing from this week’s list, but then, according to , it was preempted this week. A check of my childhood newspaper’s archives shows that ABC ran a Christmas special, “The Night the Animals Talked”, in its place, and that special avoided the Bottom 10 anyway.

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