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  1. I remember this promo when it ran! The voiceover is William Schallert, best known as Patty Duke’s father on her ’60’s sitcom!

    1. Yes, that sure is William! May he continue to rest in peace. He did a lot of voice-overs for ABC promos during the early-mid 70’s.

  2. I have a strong feeling this may be for the show’s debut, judging by the voice-over narration.

    1. The promo definitely includes clips from the pilot, though the clips may not all be from the pilot. I know that the pilot episode name is “Nanny Will Do”, which is what she tells Prof. Everett he can call her when he has trouble w/ her name.

      This series was burned badly by ABC’s decision to schedule it by itself, with no network program in the half-hour following it, at 8 PM ET before MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL, which didn’t start until 9 PM ET. Few ABC affiliates carried it at this time in Eastern & Central time zones, and Mountain & Pacific time zones didn’t carry it at all then, since MNF ran starting at 7 PM or 6 PM local time there. Being a child-oriented series, it would not work well after MNF either, so stations in the Western US didn’t carry it on Monday at all, from what I’ve seen. Most stations across the country carried this show on weekend afternoons or early evenings, if they carried it at all in its 3rd season. This situation likely caused the series’ cancellation at the end of December. NANNY had 3 seasons, or maybe 1 + 2 half-seasons, since it ran from Jan. 1970 to Dec. 1971.

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