Decades Airing When Things Were Rotten and Ferris Bueller

Beginning tonight at 12:30AM ET/9:30PM PT, tune in to classic TV digital specialty network Decades every weeknight to watch short-lived sitcoms When Things Were Rotten (ABC, 1975) and Ferris Bueller (NBC, 1990; 1991). The two shows are part of the diginet’s “Fan-Tastic TV” block, which previously aired Sledge Hammer! (ABC, 1986-1988) and Brooklyn Bridge (CBS, 1991-1993).

Aside from a single episode aired on TV Land in May 2004, I believe this is the first time Ferris Bueller has aired since its original NBC run. Unlike When Things Were Rotten, Ferris Bueller is not available on DVD.

Here’s a promo for the two shows:

See the official Decades schedule for episode details. And be sure to read my in-depth article about Ferris Bueller.

4 Replies to “Decades Airing When Things Were Rotten and Ferris Bueller”

  1. Actually, TV Land ran Ferris Bueller quite often when they started up in the late ’90’s, not because it was that great a series but because they only had access to Paramount shows at that time. Both TV Land and Paramount were Viacom properties!

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I had no idea. It’s not always easy to find information about what shows aired on which cable channels and when. I’ll see if I can dig up some dates for when TV Land showed Ferris Bueller.

  2. I think one of the reasons that Men In Tights was successful was that Brooks had already worked with the idea before in When Things Were Rotten. And it was probably the success of the movie that helped to get the series on DVD.

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