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  1. This promo would be from the 1975-76 season (probably Fall of 1975, at the time reasoner became sole anchor of ABC’s evening newscast).

    Although reasoner became a solo anchor on ABC’s evening newscast in the fall of 1975, his former co-anchor Howard K. Smith (who had been moved over to doing nightly commentaries) teamed-up with Reasoner as co-anchors of ABC’s coverage of the 1976 Presidential campaign (primaries, conventions, and election night).

    Although Barbara Walters had joined Reasoner as co-anchor on the newscast in the fall of 1976, I believe that on election-night, she did only interviews and wasn’t a co-anchor.

    The Reasoner/Walters experiment only lasted a bit more than a year-and-a-half. In the summer of 1976, Reasoner left ABC (to return to CBS), Walters was removed from the anchor desk to do more “newsmaker interviews”, and ABC adopted three anchormen for their evening newscast–Frank Reynolds (in Washington, who opened and closed the newscast, who also handled news of Washington and nearby areas), Max Robinson (in Chicago, who read stores of news “outside the beltway”) and Peter Jennings (in London, who read stores about news outside of North America).

    1. Barbara Walters briefly co-anchored with Harry Reasoner when Ms. Walters came to ABC News from NBC’s Today Show. She is more comfortable doing interviews and 20/20.

      Reasoner went back to CBS News and 60 Minutes until he died in 1991.

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