TV Guide 365: Monday, November 9th, 1964

TV Guide 365: 1964-1965 explores the 1964-1965 television season through listings published in TV Guide. Each day I’ll post listings for the corresponding day from the 1964-1965 season, with complete cast and guest cast details for obscure, short-lived shows.

Monday, November 9th, 1964

7:30 90 BRISTOL COURT–Comedy (NBC)
Karen: The boy’s name is Jerry Clark, and Karen thinks she’s in love with him. Steve: Richard Denning. Barbara: Mary La Roche. Karen: Debbie Watson. Mimi: Gina Gillespie. Cliff: Guy Raymond. Mary: Joyce Bulifant. Jerry: Michael Bregan. Vin Scully: himself.

Orson Bean joins panelists Peggy Cass, Tom Poston and Kitty Carlisle.

“Hot Line.” The Seaview is speeding two Russian technicians to disarm a defective Soviet atomic satellite due to fall near San Francisco–but one of the Russians is an imposter. Written by Berne Giler. (60 min.)

8:00 90 BRISTOL COURT–Comedy (NBC)
Harris Against the World: Alan finds that the only way he can have a relaxed Sunday is to leave Bristol Court and those casual “drop-in” guests. Alan: Jack Klugman. Kate: Patricia Barry. Billy: David Macklin. Helen Miller: Fay DeWitt. Norman Miller: Sheldon Allman.

Comedian Victor Borge has a secret for panelists Betsy Palmer, Bill Cullen, Henry Morgan and Bess Myerson.

8:30 90 BRISTOL COURT–Comedy (NBC)
Tom, Dick and Mary: Dick’s practical jokes are annoying enough at the Gentry apartment, but then he starts to be a funster at the hospital too. Dick: Steve Franken. Tom: Don Galloway. Mary: Joyce Bulifant. Cliff: Guy Raymond. Allison: Betty Beal. Maureen: Barbara Beal.

After Barney gives burly Fred Plummer a ticket for littering, Plummer threatens to give Barney a beating if he ever catches him out of uniform.

“Have No Uniform–Will Travel.” Will accidentally ruins Captain Martin’s uniform and decides the best place to buy a replacement is Hong Kong. Will: Sammy Jackson. Ben: Kevin O’Neal. King: Harry Hickox. Captain Martin: Paul Smith.

Policewoman Lucy Carmichael is a kookie rookie, just the type needed to accompany Det. Bill Baker on a stakeout for Green Scarf Louie, the lovers’ lane bandit.

[SPECIAL] [COLOR] First of Jonathan’s eight comedy specials to be seen in this time spot. Details are in the Close-up on page A-35. (60 min.)
Andy Williams will not be seen tonight.


Mickey Rooney, Connie Francie and dancer Noelle Adams are guests in a taped show for which no script was written for the star. Winters, armed only with a wild and free-swinging imagination, faces a cast of rehearsed performers in the following: Man Under Pressure, The Many Things You Can Do With, Instant Situation.

Jeff invites the airline’s president home to dinner, not knowing that Wendy has lent the apartment to Mr. Bundy, who wants to impress a visiting niece. Landlord: George Burns. Wendy: Connie Stevens. Jeff: Ron Harper. Bundy: J. Pat O’Malley. Danny: James Callahan. Willard: Bartlett Robinson.

Walter tries to help out former fraternity brother Wesley Fosdick, a monumentally unsuccessful author, by promoting his works in Krockmeyer’s book department. Walter: John McGiver. Joe: MIchkey Manners. Lynn: Elena Verdugo. Sharp: Russell Collins. Wesley: Willard Waterman.

“The Dominant Male.” Joyce’s boy friend Don maintains that “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” and he challenges Bing to prove otherwise. Bing sings “How Deep Is the Ocean” and Don joins him in “Hallelujah, I Just Love Her So.” Songs: “I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues” and “John Peel.” Ellie: Beverly Garland. Joyce: Carol Faylen. Don Rutner: Gary Crosby.

“See the Monkey Dance,” by Lewis Davidson. A young London broker, heading for an illicit weekend with his married sweetheart, runs into a gentleman who has strikingly similar plans. (60 min.)

“Question–Is Laura the Name of the Game?” When her husband is passed over as the party choice to fill a Congressional vacancy, Laura Tamiris goads him into finding an issue to gain some attention. Slattery: Richard Crenna. Metcaff: Tol Avery. (60 min.)
Guest Cast
Harry Tamaris …………… Jack Warden
Laura Tamaris …………… Georgann Johnson

“A Thousand Words Are Mute.” Janet West, a 28-year-old professor of English, suffers a stroke that leaves her intelligence unimpaired but damages her ability to communicate. Recovery depends partly on the attitude s of those around her–but most of all on her own will. (60 min.)


TV Guide, November 7, 1964 (Volume 12, Number 45, Issue #606) [Western New England Edition]

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3 Replies to “TV Guide 365: Monday, November 9th, 1964”

  1. There is no E at the end of Orson Bean, meaning that either [a] you made a mistake or [b]TV Guide did! If the latter is true, you should add a [sic]! The same holds for Mickey Manners!

  2. It’s interesting how you have resource to the Western New England TV Guides. I am from the Hartford area, and I recall missing the CBS programming on Monday nights between 7 and 9. Channel 3 here (then WTIC-TV) ran a local movie (know as AFTER DINNER MOVIE) Monday nights, pre-empting CBS’s programming. The station did, however, run a kinescope of TO TELL THE TRUTH on Tuesday nights for a while.

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